Need help on my Autism Shirts

Everyone, refer here for the competition:

Last year we had these shirts:

This year I need a new design… So please help. I love those up there, but he is alot bigger now then in that shirt.

I want Austin’s Hope on it. I love the puzzle pieces around his face… So can anyone help me out some? I have loads of pictures of him on here… or on my myspace. Thanks

oh… ps… this is for the autism walk. :slight_smile: Thanks

How is the little guy?

He’s doing good. :slight_smile:

Thats wonderful VV.


What’s needed?

A shirt logo/ design. Something simple but elegant if that makes sense… clean lines, etc.

Name of our team is
Austin’s Hope. I really like how they did the previous shirts with a heart for the o in hope.

Got an idea… standby for competition thread…

ill come up with something

By the way, as an added bonus, whoever wins will get to see a picture of our team and we’ll all be wearing your design. :smiley: I’ll post the picture here on the site.

How big should the design be? Pixel wise?