Need Help on wheel choice!


I have a 98 burgandy mustang and im trying to find out what wheel would look best.
Any suggestions or comments would be helpful.
Post pics if u can.


I really like the TSW Truxton wheels and I also like the SST wheels.

Here’s the Truxton

Here’s the SST


clear headlights to match some chrome saleen 18"s and nitto tires to fit and drag radials out back.

im saving up for the 18" chrome bullits and the deepdish out back in some drag radials :rock


man i really like those sst wheels, and ure right i need some clear headlights to match. I can figure out how to upload the pic i want to show yall. They are 18" saleen NICE!!


go over to MF and post a pic in a thread somewhere then copy the hyperlink here…


get saleen replicas, they are about 1/2 the price. go to ebay and look at AFS Wheels- they have a great seleciton of high quality replicas with chrome lugnuts… i like their products. i think i might go with their deepdish bullit out back and the 18x9 up front.


Someone around here has a blue Mach I with wheels similar to the SST only they are either highly polished or chrome and they look like they might be 20". They look bitchin! I absolutely LOVE the way those look on that car. Im usually not a fan of teh 20s on a stang but youve really just got to see it to understand.


i want 18s because i want to lower with the eibach pro kit and fill up the wheel well with the 18s, ill put a larger tires out back and run drag radials so i can do better at the track.


if you want to do better at track, why not go for smaller rims and bigger tires?


because, i want it to look good too, so ill do a bigger wheel and a same (45%) tire to fill up the wheel well. ill do some measurements and calculations to see what is the biggest possible tire to fit an 18" wheel.


I’ll be working at the condo building where the guy with the blue mach lives tomorrow and I’ll try to remember my camera so I can snap a few pics.


[quote=98mustang]I have a 98 burgandy mustang and im trying to find out what wheel would look best.
Any suggestions or comments would be helpful.
Post pics if u can.[/quote]

Duuude keep your OEM rims. They look the best on that year car.
Heres what you do though. You get a set of p or z series 245/45 tires and put them on. Then you get some Eibach lowering springs and slam it about an inch or two. Guarrenteed Eye popper. But you will also havr to get some good wxhaust pipes for too.


well i kinda want to have a bigger wheel on it not the stock 16" rim that comes on them.


i got stock 15s on my 99 :barf

4 months = enough money for 18" chrome bullits and nitto tires, drag radials out back on the 10.5" wide deepdish wheel :rock


Then get the Corbra R rims. They are good looking too. I would still lower the car just to get the car to handle a little better. Maybe stiffer stabilizer bar. Bassani pipes with an x pipe crossover. I had a Red 98 gt. Kept the 16" pony rims but mounted p245/45 in the back and p235/45 in the front. Eibach lowering springs. mac underdrive pulleys. Mac cold air pipe. Steeda advance timing wheel. I think with just those bolt ons I added about 30 more hp. I never Dyno’ed it but raced a few other modded stangs with way more mods and won a few of them. I raced a coworkers 2001 Camaro Z28. I guess it was an LS1 motor. I beat him for a block then had to slow down for traffic. :gears


18" Chrome bullitts. I got them and LOVE them.

Shoot, I’d sell you mine if you name the right price :banana

18x9" Chrome wheels w/ nitto 555’s all around (90% tread) 245/40/18 and 275/35/18!


id buy for under 1000 bucks wheels and tires

they are f*ing you in the A on shipping though


cobra r look good on that body


i think the bullitts would look good in either black are grey … The Black with burgendy :banana :banana


but he wants clear 2piece headlights (the clear headlight and corners) . these would look best with chrome wheels. i suggest bullets/saleens/cobra r’s… i like the cobra r over the cobra because it has skinnier spokes. i like the bullets the best though because it has that old flared spoke style i love :rock