Need lyrics for a song again


yeah, so i’m trying to find the lyrics to a song, and who wrote it for my english teacher, i tried and now i’m getting really frustrated!!! section from the lyrics are:“shot my gun into the air, now i’m going to disney land” " saw a good man die" " i just drank a fifth of gin" " i just robbed a grocery store" different excerpts from the song, i had no luck. help please!!! about 5 or 6 years old alternative/new rock possibly. 150 tokens will be awarded to who finds name of song first, well i guess someone could transfer them from me to the finder of the song…right? :dunno


This one? muahaahahah! no tokenz needed dood.


tip for the future, you can find pretty much ANY song by just putting in some words and the word “lyrics” into google. sometimes needs some tweaking (for example, if you put some words into quotes but you have a typo, it wont see the whole phrase) so youll want to quote the parts of phrases you are SURE of and then put as many other words you think you remember as long as they are spelled right…


Re: RE: need lyrics for a song again


This one? muahaahahah! no tokenz needed dood.[/quote]

YOU DA MAN MD Thanx a lot :banana yay…bonus points in meh english class


Diz knee land. WoOt!