Need some help with this


As you all know I’m installing the Procharger on my Mach. I am looking at Autometer gauges to keep an eye on the Fuel pressure and the Boost. I want to put these gauges on the A pillar but I can’t find an A pillar gauge holder that matches my interior. I have the Gray interior that most of you have. I can only find it in black. :wtf Thanks!


I dont think autometer makes grey ones, but other companies do. they make vinyl paint that works fine for those… rpm outlet told a friend of mine that their grey ones are simply autometer black’s that they painted grey


then what do you recommend Joe?


I’ve never seen a gray one. Mine is black.


I think when I get one, I’ll paint it. Hopefully it matches.

Erik, doesn’t it look weird because it’s black unlike the rest of the interior?


It really doesn’t contrast that badly. You don’t really even notice it.

In fact, stuff like that would usually bother me, but I’ve never thought of it not matching.


ahhh, I’m really anal about that shit. Hopefully, it’ll work out.


Im anal about that shit too but it really doesnt look bad. The dood I bought my vortech from had just bought a gauge pod and he gave it to me… it was black. I used it and didnt paint it… looks fine. I’ll eventually paint it though (maybe). Autozone (aka ricerzone) sells vinyl paint and I can tell you I’ve spray painted a fuggin vinyl seat with it before and it never came off… good stuff.


crap… I didnt even notice it was 2 different colors LOL…

Shows how much I pay attention.


Sounds good. I’ll check it. Thanks for your help guys