Need website ideas


im building a website for my car club and i need some ideas. heres a link to show what ive got so far:

the buttons dont work. i just need ideas as to what i can put on there on the main page as content. im open for suggestions. and im not changing the header or the buttons because my car club members like what i got so far. im just stuck as to what to put on the main page. any ideas are good!!

oh and thats not going to be the actual URL for the site. its just a temporary one until we get a host and buy our domain name.


Well, you could start out with some pics of your club members rides ad maybe organize some cruizes and post dates and info. The Main page is looking good tho. Are the rides on the main page any of yours or your members?



the 2 trucks in the header graphic belong to a couple of club members. the Nissan truck (the silver one) is the Vice President’s and the orange Mitsubishi is the President’s. both have been featured in quite a few magazines such as MiniTruckin and Street Trucks along with a few online places. the background that those 2 trucks are on are from another car club member who has a full show Acura Integra Type R.


its a clean site, nice buttons. careful with too many graphics though especially on a free site as Im sure your bandwidth there isnt that good speedwise or amount wise.


nice banner and buttons to start