New AC/DC Album


I heard it on the Radio, it’s supposed to come out next spring. :rock
I guarantee ya Bossman will probably be the first buyer! :rock


nope I will

dirty deeds was my dads nickname for me when I was lil


ACDSC swa the fugkin BALLS@!!!


damn dude your hammered hahaha


now you know what you can get me for my birthday. :smiley:


it comes out next year your b-day is in a week and a half


oops guess i’m getting old. :smiley:




no i guit over 15 years ago. :tard


WOOT! I’m so there Mrs. Beee!


Angus is my heeeero!!! :rock


I still run to the stereo and crank it when they play HELLS BELLS!!! I make everyone in the room play air guitar! …but I’m always the best cuz I lay on floor and spin around with my tongue going like swohw>>


Re: RE: New AC/DC Album

[quote=StangMang]ACDSC swa the fugkin BALLS@!!![/quote]still partying like a mad man scotty :booze :smiley:


They are a pretty awesome group. I have to admit that I didnt really care for them until me and Bossman got together and thats all he listened to and I got kind of addicted to listening to their music also. We went to one of their concerts @ 4 yrs ago and it was pretty damn awesome! :rock :rock


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lmfao! Uh, Easter present maybe then?


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[quote=UncleBacon]it comes out next year your b-day is in a week and a half[/quote]so buy me a card and say in it IOU 1 AC/DC album as soon as it comes out,you know whats funny is you remember my birthday now but i bet you wont next week , hell i have to remind you to send a card to your mother i must say you did remember last time , your getting better. :smiley: