New Avatar

Help. I’m all out of ideas. Mr. Dipstick has gotten old and I need a new avatar. Send me one or give me a good suggestion.

“save a horse, ride a cowboy” :ninja

I dont like Big and Rich…next :cool

How about one from The Crow?

How about one of your face? Haha.

Just imagine this…but bigger


[quote=“Maulds, post: 1093438”]Just imagine this…but bigger


You’re so self depreciating. Of course, you’re totally lying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your own face for your avatar is fine for some…but it isnt my thing…thats all. I’m just funny that way.

I love your new avatar, but of course, you knew I would. :wink:

Me likey

Its great.

How bout your face hunny :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the one you have currently the new or old???

I like the one your sporting now.

Its new, but not new to me. Used it in the past. Need some new ones.

How about a picture of yourself? Its something I could stand to look at :wink:

Go to the Manipulated Photo thread :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeah thats a good one to use for your avatar (before you manipulated) :nod:

I dont wanna use a pic of me though. I’ve got one on my profile for ya.