New computer


well ladies and ladies uncle bacon finally got his computer and has a cable modem so I will have unlimited high speed postwhoring to do


congrats on the new purchase… i just got a new 19" LCD


my LCD is only 15" but whos counting…lol


the internet will never be the same :banana


LMAO @ “Ladies and ladies”

Congrats on your new toy Mr. Bacon. What did you get?

It’s funny how the world has changed hasn’t it? 10 years ago when I was first getting into computers, I wouldn’t even admit I had one to a girl. Now you’ve got people comming online just to make sure they all know. :lol :lol


I got a HP with a shitload of things in it…I have no idea what is what but its fast and it works to my standards…now I just got to get computers for idiots book :lol






congrates!! lol. :slight_smile: I know you will be whoring now. :slight_smile:

(and downloading a shit ton of porn)


well I’m really not into porn except making home videos of course but whoring is a definate


thats the first man I have heard say that!!! lol


really…well I’m one of a kind


Re: RE: new computer

I just bought my first home computer a month and a half ago and I don’t know a fuckin thing about it LOL.

I used to have a laptop from work but it got…um…wet :tard


haha…I had a few close calls last night with almost spilling booze rum on the keyboards


You homo…you got an Hp…should of bought one from my company :booze


Re: RE: new computer

Ughhhh… I killed mine last week w/ a 44oz Jack and Coke. :tard Thought I was okay because keyboards are supposed to be water proof, but then all sorts of crazy shiz started happening.


what its suppose to be and what it is is 2 totaly different things…lol


Re: RE: new computer

story of my life :tard


:rock kick ass! :banana


you and I both