New debater


hi there!
what is my name? it depends on what you would like to call me. you can call me Kimsal but i would prefer if you added on Prince.
I am a Ugandan currently doing my A levels in the UK under the Pestalozzi scholarship.
I am very passionate about debating and some sometimes used to confuse it saying I like conflicts.
it’s just that I don’t want to be among the majorities in any discussion.
I am interested in becoming an engineer but with a political career in mind.
I am here because I like debating a lot. And by that I mean it.


Hi! Welcome to the forums!! :slight_smile: What is your Political Compass?


Welcome to the most edgy debate forum Prince.
I wonder what you will bring politically to the table, are you a capitalist , a socialist? something in between? Do you favour the song of liberty, or do you want to hold a strong community under strict values.




Welcome to Youth Debates! How are you?

What A Levels do you take?


Welcolme to our hellhole. You may get used to it after a while.

Man, that’s quite an ideologically loaded question right there…


. [quote=“StrangeSignal, post:6, topic:108755”]
Man, that’s quite an ideologically loaded question right there…

The two are diametrically opposed, one requires the other to not exist.


it depends on the situation. There are timesI can agree with capitalists or socialist.


I am good
I do two maths and two sciences


I said in my introduction i don’t want to go with the majority that why i stay in the middle i can’t say that i am a capitalist or a socialist because each has its advantages and disadvantages. although they all conflict their main aim is to bring benefits to the involved parties
and so much liberty is not good. i would prefer something strict rules


Your going to be debating with me, and the liberterians/classical liberals alot here.


I am looking forward toward it


tfw you can’t describe capitalism as the ~**~*Song of L I B E R T Y*~**~ without being called out


Even though i do think it is apart of of a free society, I am willing to recognise the leftists abandonment of economic liberty as a free society so long as at maintains the rest of the standards we associate with a free society, ie freedom of individuality, speech, association and more etc.


Well, aren’t we going to get along :slight_smile:

Pure opposites, but welcome to YouthDebates!

Need any help, inbox me :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums! I hope to see you in a debate soon.

What political party in the UK do you support, if any?

If you have any questions or if you just want to chat, feel free to message me or any of the other staff, we’re all here to help.


You may want to have a look at this:

Maybe we can find more about your political leanings :slight_smile: Either way, looking forward to debating with you!


Welcome :slight_smile: Look forward to debating with you about different issues :slight_smile: