New game!1


heres a link, i think it would be a good game. its from ebaums world.


oh yeah, and i definately just beat the mario game, all 20 levels, and got that stupid error about playing games without the activity somefinorother…blah blah blah. anyways, that sucked, i would have so owned that score.


Sounds good to me


bump…don’t know why but…bump…i want this game in here…please


hey matt, pm joe if you want the game. provide a link to the game in the pm. if it is popular to us members and he can code it into the arcade, he will.


Re: RE: new game!!!1

Aight, I put it up and coded it for our scorin system. Now where’s my ham samich?


all i have is bologna :dunno

thanks man!


V has a tuna one for you.


I luv Tuna :smiley:


thanks man, sammich is in the mail, i sent it priority, should be there in a few days…enjoi


That game is hard


how the shiz did the high score get so high?!


Damn Canadians have too much time on there hands :dunno


i’m just waiting for everyone to leave where i work at 5 so i have two hours to devote to that game. you gotta play it a lot to get good at it though…