New games


Added 5 more games tonight. I also took away the three I added a few weeks ago, since joe hasnt had time to fix them. lol… Hopefully you guys will enjoy these new ones.






maybe its just me but i try to submit my score for the snowboarding game but it doesnt submit


Re: RE: New games…

I didn’t play it all the way thru cuz i sucked at it!


yeah i suck at it too but when i hit submit at the end of the 2 minutes it takes me back to the game. :dunno


The WRX game scores backwards, the slowest time wins the trophy. I parked at the finish line, walked downstairs, smoked, came back, fed my fish, brushed my teeth, Listerined, went to the bathroom, fed my fish, adjusted my clock, crossed the finish line and won the trophy!


Does that make me a trophy whore? Hopefully I get to keep it til the end of the month cuz artisan has been trying to catch up…


your on for that skid wrx game now :smiley:


It’s running while I watch the X-Files right now


hey thats not really fair is it…

especially when im so close!


Leave it running overnight…or hope they reverse it before the 1st