New Joke Site


Check it out and submit some jokes, their all going to be user submitted jokes. All must be approved before they show up. Registration doesn’t require any validation or anything, you’ve got to register to submit jokes and to review them. Not to read them though. Sites like these are how I will be able to keep offtopicz ad free. If you have a moment check it out, sites still under construction but its fully functional.

Also to come, a free image hosting site, like imageshack.



Man MD… You just a website creating fool! Thats awesome though, I love a good joke. :rock


Offtopicz & ModdedMustangs will (I intend) to keep 100% forever ad free. These sites take an immense amount of work to build/optimize and they cost money to host and keep registered. Sites like this (and the image hosting site) will eventually have ads and will pay for all the sites.



the arab dimplomat one :owned


:rofl Thats cool! Ever thought about having members contributing? I’d paypal ya some dough.


Veronica and I maintain the position that folks like yourself enjoing our sites is all the payment we need. While it’s nice to make money, thats not why offtopicz and moddedmustangs were created. The freeandjokes site and imagehosting4free were made to make money.


md…u should make a network site for all your sites…ex… or whatever, you catch thwe drift…users can go there and you have thumbnail images of each site with link leading to each.


Thats cool MD. I know it takes money to run a site though. If ever the need rises, don’t hesitate to ask for a contribute, not for a beer fund though :smiley:


I joined you joke site


Re: RE: New Joke Site

I was thinking of that, some sort of site map on I’d have to blend it in with the hosting part of the site in someway. I’m working on another site now, - where webmasters can submit links to their site. I’m going to design it to carry a high page ranking so the links will help increase the pageranking of people in the network.


well…when will u be making your own search engine?


^^ haha… DONT even give him that idea… LOL


might want to delete the post then :smiley:


Re: RE: New Joke Site

This post :dunno