New members


We need to get more members!! We havent gotten a new member in a while!! Everyone do whatever you can! :slight_smile:


Re: RE: new members…

Noooo… they need to work


i posted a link on MM for the people that dont know about the site. and im trying to talk my roomate to join and my sister to join and if they join then hopefully there friends will join. what about if we do link exchanges. maybe get people to put banners in there myspace and other sites like that. start posting links to certain threads in this forum to other forums showing them the thread.


one major automotive customizing site i go to alot has a free banner exchange program. just make a banner (468x60) with site name and url on it and whatever else, sign up at the site (link posted below), upload the banner and url and then add the html code somewhere on the site for the banner exchange program. heres the site:

theres a bunch of sites that are in the banner exchange program and this sites (along with every site in the program) will be seen on the sites. oh and the best part, its FREE!!


i think thats a great idea but its up to joe and V if they want to go that route. cause that way if they find this site they will beable to find means more possible members on both sites.


hey you know i can get as many homos as i want, unfortunately, people happen to notl like them :smiley:


were just messing with ya man. you got to learn to take a joke. were not actually serious.


don’t tell me to learn how to take jokes, ha ha ha I accidently posted another shirtless guy…they only make pics with guys in it.