New Pope


Well looks like the Cardinals elected Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger from Germany Pope. He chose the name Pope Benedict XVI, and he’s 78, so it looks like a short Papcy.


From what I’ve heard about his stance on things, I don’t think he’s gonna be a very good successor. I think John Paul II was doing good things by bringing in new religions and embracing muslims and all of that. And this new Pope has said in the past that Christianity is the only true religion.

I don’t know, I would rather see someone who is leaning toward modernizing the church, allowing more freedoms, and definitely heading toward a better more diverse world.

Time will tell I guess.


wonder why I didnt get picked :dunno


i heard he was a member of a nazi group with hitler- dont recall the name though. rumors on t.v. say hes a very controversial choice. im no catholic, but the pope seems like a really prestigious position. thousands gather to “see” him, and he spoke like 4 lines in latin.


Yeah, apparently it was like Nazi Jrs or something, and apparently he was also part of the German army against Jews at the time. He says he was “forced to be part of it” though.

They had interviews with many catholics here and nobody seems to be really happy with the choice. I’m not catholic therefore it doesn’t quite affect me personally, but my boyfriend is roman catholic and I was gonna start trying to learn a little about it.


I agree i dont think any one CAN replace John Paul with his out going personality and so good with the kids etc … people Just Love Him


well he wont be pope long b.c he is 78… although, on tv he looked in good health. i dont see why a young pope wasnt chosen :dunno


I wonder to … Guess its cause they know how many people LOved John Paul so i wonder why too John paul was a young man when he started ( barely 50 )


Yea, I was wondering why I didn’t get picked either! :dunno


Ok be serious with the name HElls Gt do you wonder why heheheheh :lol :lol :lol


wonders why no one voted for poor lil lemon…


I’m not a Catholic either, so I honestly could care less who was elected. But there is no denying that being Pope is just as much a political thing as it is a religious thing. So the Pope needs to be someone who can make some positive changes in the world, not just in the church… like John Paul did as was mentioned by Rach and Jan. I haven’t heard much about this new guy, but I did see a picture of him and he’s seriously kinda creepy looking. I hope we are all wrong about the guy though. Maybe he will do wonderful things. Only time will tell.


lets not go there Lemon :lol :lol :lol


I agree with white2000gt… Im not religious… well I have my beliefs, but I havent gone to church since I was married. I am a luthern.


Yeah, I’m the same way. I have my beliefs. But I can honestly say that if today was Judgment Day then I would have a one-way ticket to a lake of brimstone and fire waiting on me. Too much of teh and been in my life lately.


Re: RE: New Pope

That alone won’t send you to hell, at least in my religion.


a nazi pope…I don’t care who you are thats funny


Re: RE: New Pope

haha. He is kinda weird looking… not very photogenic like John Paul was.


To me…the pope is just the pimp of the world.


Thats a strange comment Hell :dunno :dunno