New Rant Thread



We’ve had previous rant threads but our newer members probably aren’t aware of it.

This is a rant thread, where you discuss life and tell it where to go. In other words, rant about what’s troubling you, to get it out.

Your rant can be as vague or specific as you want. And I’m not sure if this is mod only for for all members, but if you click your profile icon in the top right hand corner, second button from the right there should be a detective-esque icon, and that should make you anonymous if it’s too personal.


Or express it in a picture, as I shall now demonstrate -


Strangely enough, there’s nothing worth ranting about.


Only thing really to complain about is that I can’t seem to get my mind of this girl I met on NCS.


Do you still talk to her?


It’s funny bc that exact same thing happened to me on NCS


mfw I turned down my chance to do NCS

gonna do ICS though


I’ve missed the inscription day for this universitary semester >.<

I want to kill myself. Now I’ll have to wait until next year to resume my studies. At this pace I’ll obtain my degree by next century.


Why not just pay a bribe or some shit then? Like it’s South America, i’m sure corruption isn’t europe levels yet.


Bro, I’m not bourgeois.


Mobutu pls. -_-


Poor africans from Somalia (and various other African (failed) nations) probably pay bribes every day mate. Not just bourgeois thing to do.


Ah you should’ve done it, it was brilliant by all accounts.

Same, but I can’t decide whether to do it during the summer of first year or straight after uni. Hbu?


Yeah, I considered it when I was sixteen, decided not to go that summer, and then forgot all about it by the time I turned 17. Regret it tbh.

I’ll probably end up going during the summer of my first year of university, or earlier if I don’t get in. It all depends on whether or not I plan on doing anything over the summer with uni pals, etc.


But Argentina isn’t in Africa.


Some parts might as well be…


Tbf I’m nto sure bc I probably need to work like fuck that summer to pay for my rent, ICS looks amazing so idk yet; but you’ve got up until your 25th b’day to do it.




Yeah. Many people in my wave are now going out haha


Well okay…

My fucking arm got twisted and now I can barely move it. I was forced to take time off work (doctor’s orders actually), I’m seeing a physical therapist and a neurologist.

How does my boss deal with this? By pretending I never called three times telling them I wont be able to make it into work until a certain day, I called on that day to update them on my situation only to be told I never called them and I was a no show three times.

I’m over here thinking “the fuck you lying about”, I’m then told they’ll be reaching out to HR to figure out what’s going on and to see if I still even have a job.

If I get called later saying “you didn’t show up again” or “HR says you’re exterminated.” I’m going to shit flaming fucking bricks on them and if need be take it up the chain of command. Hell I was mostly injured at work, but I didn’t claim it immediately so they think I can’t do a thing about it.

Oh and today’s my birthday. Happy birthday me.