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That’s it, you’ll go to the firing platoon.


lol smh fam everyone knows wood elves can’t stand up against orcs


Honestly, no idea. It’s some weird shit containing things from social democracy to conservatism all the way from the centre-left to the right, depending on who and which sector you ask. We have a large agrarianism and a small level of industrialization, though the biggest heavy industries of Argentina were destroyed by the last military coup.

In terms of agriculture, it’s mostly a sector with a large number of suppliers, with the important exception of the soy industry, which contains large companies having support from Monsanto and displaces minor producers and even native americans.


Well, I was seriously thinking of moving to Argentina/Peru in a couple of years… Perhaps Argentina might be worth keeping away from.


Good. Especially considering I live sooo close to the country’s only International Airport :joy:


Is it worth doing though? I’d be there for a year, perhaps two, and it looks beautiful from the photos, but you just described the slightly less good side…


I mean, if you stay in the big cities you might be able to spend your whole trip without any incident. Several neighbourhoods of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires are a lot more safe, but they also tend to be the most expensive ones. I’d recommend not going out during nighttime and especially, but ESPECIALLY not going to “boliches”, those places where people hang out “for fun” late in friday night. It’s where violence happens the most.


Jesus. And this is the capital.


It’s not too bad. Even if you do, the chances of something happening to you are very low. But there is no such thing as taking too many precautions.


Well, the place I’m most strongly considering taking a year living in - Cape Town - has a murder rate of 65.5 per 100,000 people, making it the 9th most violent city in the world. Buenos Aires is at 5.46/100,000, while London fluctuates between 1 and 2. I’m told by a neighbour of mine who lived in Cape Town for 40 years that walking alone at night there is an absolute no-no, especially for women, and that even when you drive home at night you have to watch for being followed, and are allowed to go through red lights to avoid hijackers. So, perhaps Argentina is a safe option for me…


Geeze, from where those statistics come from and from which millenium? Also, murder rate is one thing. Robberies are also very common. Robbers here can kill you for 20 insignificant fucking pesos or a cellphone.

Watching for being followed is an important thing here, and also avoiding groups of people at night and walk fast. Never use a cellphone in closed spaces with many people, especially public transportation. I’m so good at all of this I have never been robbed in the streets. No one obeys red lights at nightime, but always look before crossing a red light, cuz safety. The central areas of Buenos Aires do have some activity at nighttime, but not too much. For what I’ve seen, hookers are very common at 5 am…

Oh, and remember not using expensive equipment when going for a trip, and being discrete if you are using a camera. Those are signs robbers use to catch tourists, who are often too overconfident in Argentina’s police force (who are often unreliable and in some cases poorly trained). If travelling on public transportation, don’t put anything on your pockets and put your bags on front of you so that you can see them. Avoid the smaller streets of downtown Buenos Aires at night, because it’s easy to ambush someone in those small corridors. You can recognize them because only one car can pass at a time. Those corridors were designed for carriages.


Rob a bank.


I’m not planning to


It’s not as easy as you’re making it out to be, lemme tell you.


I bet on politics all the time what u chattin


How long behind bars were you?


0 nanoseconds.

Unless you count school.


I’m bringing this back I don’t care what anyone says I need to hella vent right now.
We’re about to get real emo up in here.

I’ve been hooking up with the same boy for around 6 months now but it feels way longer. I met him two summers ago after my freshman year through his brother, who is my age. When I first met him, his brother warned me not to get involved with him. I wasn’t too interested, but I did think he was super cute. Then, out of the blue 6 months ago he messaged me and asked for my number so I gave it to him. That same night he picked me up and I slept over and… yeah you know. In the beginning, I was doing pretty well with just not thinking about him. I knew his reputation as a heartbreaker. He’s older as well and has a career where he travels a lot. He goes to clubs with his friends and I am sure he hooks up with other girls. And God I wish I could go back to not caring but so much has happened since then.

I didn’t know much about him rather than he likes cars, girls, working out, and traveling until 3 months into this. I’ve gotten to know the real him. I don’t know how to describe the way I know him now. It’s like, I saw him and knew he was a person. But, I’ve gotten to know the person he is. It’s taken time and I’ve been so off and on with wanting to be around him. I am so weird with him. When you feel the way about someone that I do about him, you want to stay with them in bed after sex. I want to leave immediately because I came for something and I got it, so I don’t want to be a nuisance. Like, what if he doesn’t want me there? I don’t want to bother him. Last time I saw him, he put his arm around me and hugged me while we were walking to his room. He’s never done that before. He also didn’t want me to leave immediately after we did it, but I did anyway.

When we hook up, it feels like the hooking up people do when they’re in love. I won’t get too into detail, but when I hook up with other guys I think of him. But, sometimes I can’t even hook up with other guys because I feel like I’m betraying him. Even though we are not committed to each other. He did tell me once, though, he doesn’t want me to give any other boy what I give him. And I don’t. I save it for him. I have tried to leave him because there have been points where I feel like I don’t matter to him. I am so weak for him, I can never stay away. When I don’t answer his snap chats, he will continue to snap me multiple times throughout the day. When he wants me, he will call me and text me extensively even if I’m asleep. If he thinks I’m mad at him, he won’t leave me alone.

My friends think that maybe he likes me, but won’t tell me because he:

  1. Doesn’t want a relationship and if he tells me, he knows I’ll want to be in a relationship
  2. Travels for his career
  3. He’s young and wants to live it up while he can

These all make sense to me. It just sucks because honestly, I love this boy. I physically ache sometimes when I get upset over him. When he’s gone I’m sad and I think about him. It sucks so bad. If this is love, I want out.

His brother who is a good friend of mine, left to London to study abroad. I thought he would cut me off when his brother left, but nope. Still hooking up. Still stuck.


Its just really hard sometimes to actually say that L word. Some people have a hard time saying it. I cant pretend to understand how you feel about this guy but I feel where you’re coming from and I’ve felt lost like that before.

If you think you love him, you need to bring it up to him though. Thats my opinion.


I am deadly afraid to tell him anything about how I feel because I just know it will scare him away. I would be so heartbroken if we never talked again. I think once in the summer I kind of implied I liked him and he straight up told me that he didn’t want to date anyone at the moment.

Then, a few weeks ago when I was in LA, his mom saw I was snapchatting him. His mom knows me, I know the whole family. When she asked why I was snapchatting him, he told her I liked him.
When he told me about this, I don’t know why but I got very angry. I said, “You think I like you?” and he said, “I don’t know” and I said, “Yikes, I don’t.” Then we dropped it.