New Rant Thread



Does anyone ever feel/think they are living on, or believing in, the wrong side?


I’m not sure there’s a ‘right’ side anymore.


What are you, anyway? Your recent comments have me confused.


I feel like getting people angry. I don’t know why. It’s as entertaining as it can get.


Borderline social conservative. Economically liberal.


Which comments exactly?


Eww, eww.

Considering that you fell for nazi ideology, I guess it’s true what they say. Right-wing ideology is a major starting point for racist and nazi-like ideologies.

I had the idea that you were quite left-wing, but that was last year or so.


I haven’t fell for Nazi ideology, honestly. Though I will say I have started to look into and read up on it and its history. I really am neutral when it comes to social issues. I have supported gay rights and gay marriage, but I do not want to see it all over the god damn place. I am against illegal immigration, but I want a system which is more cooperative and reasonable for these families. Many of them, whom I have even worked with in the past, are the most hardworking and the most genuine people I have ever met. While many Americans sit on their asses, they come here and they do the job and they do it right. Our government SHOULD create a system which is fair for these people. Looking at other issues facing America socially, I think many people know my stance on them.

Economically speaking, yes. I believe the more affluent should have to pay a larger rate in taxes. Not too high, but a reasonable rate. I think we should invest in domestic issues and not foreign affairs and on foreign peoples’. I support greater regulation on Wall Street and on big corporations and banks. In poorer communities where crime and social status correlate, we should do more for these communities. While we can invest in greater programs for these communities, we do not know how much it will change because the crime is becoming a sort of culture for these areas.



I will also say that the question of Zionism is of great interest to me. I wouldn’t quite rule it out, frankly. Many of these elites that are influencing American policies, are Jews. They have great power over our economic, political, and diplomatic lives. I posted in the thread “Is there a Jewish problem?”, which that post clears up my views on this matter.


If my exam results aren’t near my predictions then my sixth form teachers will put me on supervision, which will be pretty embarrassing seeing as most of my friends will likely get better grades than me, and will suck because I could’ve done a hell of a lot more revision than I actually ended up doing. I’ve had pretty bad social anxiety, self-dislike, social dissidence, low self-confidence and the like over the last 2-3 years. I spend ridiculous amounts of time on the internet procrastinating, to the point where I spent an entire day on the internet without leaving the front door when I was “trying” to revise. I love playing football and playing guitar, but I’m still pretty shit at both of them compared to most people in my age group, and currently both of my guitars need strings replacing, which is pain to do. My hair is currently so ridiculously short that I can’t bring myself to start up a conversation with any strangers without assistance from a friend/family member. I haven’t had a girlfriend in 3 years, and that probably isn’t going to change within the next year.


Don’t stress about how your friends do, lad. Focus on yourself. If you didn’t do as well, step back and try and fix what needs to be fixed. No need to worry about what others are doing. Focus on yourself and work for you, not others.


Really I am just worried about my future. Due to the costs of college I have had to completely change my direction in life. Though I feel taking time off from schooling has been a blessing and positive thing for me. It has allowed me to sit back and really rethink how I could work toward my dream/goal. With joining the Navy, where I feel I belong, the opportunities for me are endless. Education is paid for, I get to proudly serve my country, and I will have the opportunity to see the world. Yet still, there is the small feeling of uncertainty about my future. I believe if I remain true to my faith and work hard as I have ever done before, I will be able to “attain the happy life”.

Also considering the world’s current condition and the path we are set on, it seems even darker. One can only hope things turn for the better for all of us, pulling us from the brink and moving us into a brighter future. While I remain positive about my dreams and goals, the world’s current state leads me to believe the obstacles before us will be very difficult to overcome as a people. With the amount of blood being shed, deception from governments and leaders, social tensions around the world, as well as military tensions, the future for us seems to be filled with difficulty.


It’s just irritating!


You know me enough as to know that what other people think about it, I rub it over my a** :slight_smile:


I am fucking lonely.


I had a similar problem for AS and A2, though mine was equally in part to lack of motivation and lack of concentration, which led me to buying nootropics to help me actually revise.


Took me 4 years to get a degree that should’ve taken 3. By the time I finish studying (hopefully end of next year) I will have spent 7 years studying for 1 Bachelor, and 2 Grad. Dips. 7 years for 5 years worth of degrees. And then there’s my study debt… probably going to be close to $90,000. I kick myself every time I think about it.


Living in a suburban area being gay

Having to travel 40 minutes to meet your boyfriend.



Speaking as someone who may as well have been categorised as a fucking hermit between the ages of sixteen and seventeen besides going to sixth form, and who had massive self-confidence issues during that time period, I strongly recommend that you try to take some form of action now rather than just leaving it. If there’s something I’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that people really don’t tend to give a shit what you choose to do. You’ll get some dicks who like to take the piss – and, granted, I often take the piss out of others for a laugh even though I shouldn’t – but you need to take it as ‘banter’ for want of a better word. Far better to laugh or shrug it off if you can, and then carry on doing what you enjoy.

If you enjoy playing football and playing guitar, then all I can say is go out and do it. It is that age old ‘just do it’ advice that tends to ignore on-going issues with self-confidence, etc. but, on a personal level, being forced out of my comfort zone has helped me to tackle the issues straight on. Maybe doing things bit-by-bit, step-by-step is the best way to go about doing things. It was my solution to the issue. Are there any music-orientated clubs at your sixth form? Or events? If you went along to one of them, even if you aren’t massively sociable or you have anxiety about doing so, I’m sure that it’d help. Likewise, do you have any older siblings or something like that?

If your friends are into football, even if they’re better than you, I’d recommend just playing a few games with them down the park or something. Maybe going along with a friend to meet some of their friends who you’ve never spoken to that much, etc. Anything that gets you out and puts you slightly out of your comfort zone. It’ll feel shitty at first, but it’s worth it.

I cannot tell you how much I regret cutting off many of my social links and contacts over those two years.

Something I’ve also learned over the past few years is that it’s entirely natural and normal for introverts and whatnot to struggle with starting a conversation with strangers and stuff. I struggle with it too. To this day I have to consciously think about how to move on a conversation with someone I don’t know that well. But, well, it’s normal for a lot of introverts.

As for how your friends do, I can’t really comment on it. I’ve always been the highest achieving out of my social circles even when I don’t put in effort. Thing is with my social circles though, we’ve never treated it as a massive issue. Some of us were academically better than the others, and that was fine. We’d joke about it, but we never meant anything by it. You’ve got to remember that, really, other people aren’t going to judge you or give you as much attention in their thoughts as you think they are. Hell, they’re probably thinking the same about you in a lot of instances, especially at your age.


Getting quite stressed over next week now. Considering last year’s GCSE results and the fact that I don’t have an Ebacc (due to curriculum changes I couldn’t do history, was planning to do IGCSE history but because that coincides with A-level history next month there is no point), my grades need to be perfect.