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As long as you did geography or history, you should be fine…?

Don’t I recall you took geog?


No, all I’ve done is German and Japanese.


O shit then.

At least Japanese is somewhat of a rarity so that may be your little token.




Feeling an unusual pull towards an unpopular ideology and belief…


At the end of the day, people will have done worse, much worse. What is it you want to do?




What do you mean by that? Do you mean university I’d like to attend, course I’d like to do, ect?




Can’t be that bad. Nothing is too extreme on YouthDebates, not even Nazism or Marxism-Leninism.


Politician, but before that probably an academic within economics or a journalist.


You’ll be fine. You’ll only need above a B/C (depending on sixth form or college requirements) if you’re after a certain course at Oxbridge or something.

The vast majority of universities will look at your GCSEs, but won’t care as long as you have Cs or above in Maths, English and the sciences. Your predicted A2 results and your personal statement matter far more.


Sieg Heil!

But honestly, it is National Socialism. I am not racist like those self-proclaimed Nazi hillbillies in the backwoods. I do not believe they represent true Nazism. Really the only thing that drives me towards this ideology is the current Judeo-dominated system that we have. Also the kind of social destruction that we are seeing in Western society is concerning. The feminist, too social progressive agendas, are disgusting. Also considering my own government’s actions in the Middle East and its ridiculous unwavering support for Israel, is concerning. I am disgusted by the actions of NATO and Western governments.

My post in the thread “Is there a Jewish problem?” clears my views on this matter.


To be honest I’m starting to agree somewhat with this. The breakdown of family life and the decline of religion for example doesn’t come without its social problems. Most significantly, we are hugely divided as a society today, therefore a sense of social order and community cohesion is needed. Also, from a liberal perspective, social stability and individual freedoms go hand in hand rather than contradict each other.

I can also agree somewhat. Whilst I have supported movements such as BLM and feminism in the past, their current effect today is to exacerbate the divisions and inequalities in society they seek to mend.


You are seeing social agendas being forced onto the masses, causing this tension. You have a media, which is owned by few, playing on the fears and division. Misleading the people, reporting one side or even making shit up.

These movements today cry out for equality and justice, but act like savages. Equality, yet they attack and try to silence their opposition. Its a fucking sham. But any out spoken person that goes against this social agenda, is ridiculed and disregarded.


Thanks a lot - I honestly appreciate the advice from someone with experience.


Pardon me for intruding, but considering that I’m now a cured neo-nazi, I’d like to take a look to this.

Nazism is based on the belief of the existance of ‘superior races’ and ‘inferior races’. According to nazi ideology, the “Aryan Race” (which does not exist) is the superior race, whereas the “Black Race” is among the inferior ones, with the Jews being considered subhumans. This is inherent to the belief. Adolf Hitler created this ideology and stated these things himself. If this isn’t “true Nazism”, then what is it? You may differentiate it from fascist ideology, but then you wouldn’t be supporting nazism.


What “destruction” in Western society? Western societies have more civil rights than ever before and are still more technologically advanced than many other parts of the planet. There are plenty of problems here and there, but there always have been issues.

Concerning feminism, it should be more than understood that “SJW’s” are ultimately retarded and don’t know shit about the very ideologies they attempt to use to justify their beliefs with. Academia doesn’t have a “sjw bias”, it’s just that these small sectors are so loud they actually have some power, that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Third-wave feminism isn’t even a coherent group of beliefs, and its major and most influential exponents have plenty of rational points made. People like Sarkeesian are dumb and prefer to leech money from the retards that follow them rather than making any actual points.

This is a generalized problem of the media, not even a left-right issue. Some are worse than others, though (Daily Mail, Faux News, et cetera.) They purposefully overreact to some issues as to gain more ratings from the sector of society they are aiming towards and increase their profits, which is exactly their problem. Replacing it with censorship and pro-government nationalist propaganda as Hitler and Stalin did will solve nothing.

How come replacing social equality and justice, even if there are some people who go too over-the-top with it, with a socially reactionary and authoritarian ideology is in any way a ‘progress’? You don’t fight something bad with something worse. Here you complain that “they attack and try to silence their opposition”. I wonder, who did something similar? Oh, right, the nazis… And by actually killing people, I might add.

“Repression is bad unless we are the ones doing it”. GG m8.

Sieg fucking Heil.


Then I do not follow everything about Nazism.

Jewish elites. Bankers, businessman, etc. Hollywood and the press is dominated and owned by Jewish elites, which are responsible for spilling the kind of garbage to the public. These people influence policies which not only benefit them personally, but they benefit the nation of Israel where we fund their military. They use these funds to occupy and oppress the Palestinian people, only God knows what else. They’ve been doing it since 1948 and I see no end in sight.

Social destruction, yes. Where you are seeing the LGBT agenda being spread all over and any opposition to it, is seen as hate-filled and bigoted. The LGBT policies and demands, are destroying family life and society as a whole. Where you are seeing policies being forced onto the public, and again, you can’t stand against it without being labeled yourself. In Europe you are seeing countries having no boundaries really, when it comes to immigration and this migrant crisis. Though we shouldn’t focus on this alone, we should focus on the root cause of this crisis.

SJW’s are a cancer. I have seen first hand where a head of a university, bent over backwards to their rhetoric. He sent out to an entire university an email, sympathizing with these people who are protesting and saying idiotic things.

I am not proposing to censor or have pro-government media. Frankly, I wish the media was more independent and would actually talk more about what our government is doing behind the scenes and all over the world. But they do not because it was all owned and controlled by few. So while they don’t even mention the arming of extremist groups, or when they talk more about the Trump-Cruz wife feud they had, the people are distracted by what is really going on. The media will talk 12 hours a day and 7 days, often about things that do not matter. Meanwhile, the wars across the world are raging on and our government is pulling the strings. The media is not for entertaining the public, its meant for informing the public. Unfortunately, the American people are so fucking stupid and lazy, they buy into this bullshit and they remain completely oblivious to what is going on. People actually still believe that America is the greatest country in the world and that we are, will always be, the good guys.

These people are absolutely hypocrites and thugs. They riot disregarding facts and evidence. Just like in Milwaukee,Ferguson, Baltimore, where they destroyed their own communities. FYI, kid that was shot in Milwaukee pulled a gun out on a cop. Not just any cop, a black cop. Yet they still cry racism and behave in this manner. BLM, I actually wouldn’t mind suppressing. They call for things that are unreasonable, stupid, and they’re the biggest hypocrites. Look at US’ major cities, and the crime rates there are fucking ridiculous. BLM doesn’t even mention that blacks kill more blacks than anyone. But when you tell them that, they still disregard it. Really, the government should do more for these communities and youth. But I do not know how much that will help, given the fact that this is sort of like their culture.

First nature is to feel I have no problem with repressing the voices of senseless and hypocritical groups and I have no problem with strong action take against them. Especially if they riot like fucking savages. We need reason. While we can “take it into consideration”, we should not take them seriously. Definitely not give into them. The things they say and the things they do, are not reasonable. And bending over backwards, forcing their agenda onto everyone else, isn’t either. So we should try and meet in the middle. But what we are seeing a lot from these SJW’s and other social activist organizations, they do not want to.


Oh dear looks like we have another Jew conspiracy theorist on here.


Oh dear, who gives a fuck? I don’t think it’s too crazy to suggest so.