New Rant Thread



Is it wrong that I have no high aspirations for life? If that’s even the right word.

I’d be perfectly happy living alone in a small apartment working day to day and playing video games. A simple life is comforting.

The only problem is that I work 8 hours a day, but travel time makes that about 12 hours of my day. That blows.


No ideology should be just waved off as a conspiracy theory. There are plenty of ways to poke holes in National socialism, and really fascism in general, without doing that.


I would get why you would absolutely tear Islam to shreds, although ISIS is a small percentage.

The only things Jews seem to have done wrong is own a few newspapers of the media. If you don’t like it don’t read them??


I want to become a member of parliament one day, representing one of my local constituencies. I have been on the front line of tory austerity, my friends, family and local community being hit by osbornenomics. I want to make a genuine change to Westminster politics (actually representing the majority of the local population’s views,) however I have crippling anxiety and despite the fact that I put myself in uncomfortable situations such as public speaking, I am just not good at introducing myself to people. I have been going to a Youth Council and apart from the odd conversation in which someone has started to talk to me I haven’t talked to anyone.


I have a similar problem, except I have a moderate to severe stammer. It is challenging for people like me and you to get ourselves out their in public but we just need to trust ourselves and believe in ourselves. Once you do that, the world is your oyster!

Although I do not want to become an MP anymore, I want to be a teacher so it will be just as hard, but I’m confident if I believe in myself and put my mind to it eventually it may just click.


I have no idea what I want to do with my life.


I hope so :slight_smile:. I am also trying the same thing, but I do not understand how I could be so different to my family members who are all quite outgoing.


I am outgoing, it’s just my stammer is holding me back from being as outgoing as I want to be irl. I am sure you are outgoing it’s just the anxiety that you have developed is holding you back.


It goes further than just owning the a few media outlets. Do you know how powerful it is? These Jewish elites are manipulating the system for their benefit, making damn sure that their power and wealth expands. Money is key and it was what controls our government. Organizations such as AIPAC, is a shameful one and it’s disgusting how politicians flock to it to get their money, kissing Israel’s ass. I have a problem with the United States paying or Israel’s military, who is using our money to destroy Palestinian lives and take their land. God only knows what else they use our money for.


You could say the same about other religions. The Islam rulers who are making their peoples lives hell whilst they are filthy rich. The Christian Prime Ministers and Presidents who are constantly lying to the public and making their lives worse.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t blame the religion, blame the people. Or maybe religion itself is to blame, because people are blinded by it to not see the corruption in high level figurs?


Jews are disproportionately represented in media ownership and political sponsorship. The Jewish state of Israel is also committing attrocities against Palestinians without second thought.

I take this as issues of money in politics in general, and issues of Zionism, rather than Jews themselves, but that isnt the case for everyone. Its easy to feel frustrated over things like that, but attacking people and not their ideology is pointless.


I don’t hate the average Jew, unless they support the Zionist agenda. I believe the average will suffer just as much as anyone, because of the Zionist greed. All of the Western world is influenced by these people. They conduct their business all over, manipulating its politics.


You make a good point. Big money should be out of big and small politics.

You are also right to attack Zionism rather than Jews themselves.

I support Israel because they are the most culturally similar nation to the West, and probably one of the most stable. However, the US shouldn’t be paying into Zionism and they should be on their own. I can tell you for a fact if America was in trouble, Israel would be nowhere to be found.


It is only a few jews, but just because there are 10 people on earth doesnt mean its a problem that 8 of them own all of the assets just because its only a few.

Thats the ratio of jewish ownership in media by the way, about 80%.


These few Jews, are very powerful and influential. They don’t just own newspapers, but they own the major networks. These outlets are controlled by them, brainwashing the public and shaping public opinion. Spreading absolute bullshit and a complete bias towards Israel. They can always talk about how Israel is so democratic and our greatest ally, but in reality they murdering people and they’re partially responsible for the kind of corruption we see today.


No not really. Not having high aspirations would make your life a lot simpler, just a lot less worthwhile living as well imo.


I pretty much want a similar life. I feel that I am better alone and just go on doing my own shit. But I’m also glad I joined the Navy, because now I can still go and travel the world.


I do not fit in anywhere.


I would love if I had a penthouse in Leeds by the canal, I owned two pomeranian dogs and I own a wine cellar.

My life would be absolutely complete then.

Better start participating in the lottery.


A cottage near the centre of York would be nice. I want a turtle pond though (quirky I know.)
If I won the lottery I’d build an estate in North Yorkshire for those I know to live in. :smile: