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I thought those were all bought by Nat. Trust?

I live in North Yorks :slight_smile:


Probably comes to think of it, but a man can dream :joy:


My dream house is one in Kensington. Let’s hope my investments pay off!


You hardly follow it.

So, just because some bankers and corporations have Jewish CEOs, then suddenly we have a Jew problem… Makes total sense (not).

The US isn’t being forced to fund Israel. They do so because it’s the major ally of NATO in the Middle Eastern region, and it’s surrounded by conflict zones and islamic fundamentalist-controlled sections. The major problem in Palestina is that both Judaism and Islam view Jerusalem and Palestina as sacred, so much that neither of them wants the other to live there.

First of all, more than 50% of the US population agree with LGBT rights. Criticizing it is one thing; opposing it is reactionism. In the name of “family values” and “decency”, many homosexuals and transgenders have been incarcelated, killed, discriminated against, and their rights as human beings unexistant. All because they were different from the mainstream of society. And today, when they have their rights, they aren’t the mainstram sections of society and will hardly ever be. How does that destroy “family values” between heterosexuals?

How so? A gay teenager whose family follows the doctrine you’re expousing will be discriminated against and will receive no support from. In the worst cases, this ends in suicide. It can be easily argued from this that LGBT rights actually improves family life, considering that there are multiple sectors of society that support it and help to allow communication and acceptance with people who are discriminated against. Families that recognize and accept their homosexual and transgender members are much less likely to fall apart because of it.

Errr… no. Totally not. Even countries like Germany, which has been receiving the highest flow of refugees, have strict immigration laws. If I wanted to get in, for instance, it would cost me an eye of the face. Plus, what is 3 or 5 million immigrants compated to 80 million Germans? Germany itself has received immigration from foreign ethnic groups since the Middle Ages. It’s nothing new.

I should also mention that if every country in Europe cooperated in receiving the refugees and immigrants, based on the country’s population, then the overall charge would be minimal in each country.

That’s one of the things that I described in my statement. However, keep in mind that the SJW label itself is ridiculous and almost impossible to apply correctly. I myself have been labeled an SJW by reactionaries in the past just for supporting social justice. It eventually expands to include all people you don’t like, regardless of their actual position.

And what do you propose, a strict regulation and filter of the media? It’s basically the same thing with a brighter color.

In the US, that’s only the Republican media. The Democrats aren’t so far gone from reality (cough cough Bernie Sanders cough), but they also tend to be more socially progressive, something you quite obviously don’t like.

And it has established as their culture because of their social position, which doesn’t allow them to leave those miserable ghettos. Many rappers have said that same: “I got out of the ghetto”.

Oh, yes, the good ol’ “I am right, the opposite side is wrong, and because I’m right and they are wrong, they have to be oppressed”. Tell me again, you say that ‘they riot like fucking savages’. If you repress them and incarcelate them just because of their beliefs, then who’s the one being a savage now?

You say we should not take them seriously, yet you also stated you would have no problem repressing them… That’s in the definition of “seriously” in a dictionary. Contradictory statements.

As I said, do not confuse the so-called SJWs with real social justice groups, feminists, and LGBT supporters. No one forced anyone to accept homosexuals and transgenders; the US population supports it by majority and the Supreme Court ruled for gay marriage, which was already allowed in many states. If you see people you don’t like having their rights respected, the problem is on you, not them.


Is it LGBT agenda to be able to marry, to be able to adopt?

It seems the LGBT agenda is just to be happy to me.


People taking this position usually see it as a tool to make left sided politics look more appealing, and oppose it due to its relations to the left and third wave feminism, not because they actually don’t like gay people.


An ‘unusual pull’? You’ve got a fucking Wehrmacht soldier as your profile picture you Nazi.


How can you say Nazism isn’t ‘that bad’? What the fuck kind of liberal are you man?



[quote=“Ethan_Mac_McNally, post:95, topic:105767”]
They can always talk about how Israel is so democratic and our greatest ally, but in reality they murdering people and they’re partially responsible for the kind of corruption we see today.[/quote]

Totally agree; but that doesn’t mean Jews control the whole fucking world lol.


I do not see why I should give a shit if a lot of the people who control media are Jewish.


I’m pretty sure he means that, within the context of the plethora of views we’ve had here at YD, it can’t be much worse than Nazism and similar ideologies.

He just phrased it badly.


Probably because you shouldn’t.


I meant it’s not that bad considering the different views we have on YD.


How else was I meant to phrase it?


Soooooo I’ve been working at this cash and carry store for a couple of weeks as it is the only way to support myself. Today was supposed to be my pay day. My boss says I need to get a National Security number to get paid, which he did not tell me about when I was hired. So I wasted the last couple of weeks working for free. And the funny part is that I don’t have anymore money.


Not only is that almost definitely illegal, what is a cash and carry store?


Like a corner shop


Fucking sue him.


With what. Although I want him to suffer, I don’t have the time, money and stability to fight him