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This one’s better.


What the heck is a national security number? Do you mean national identity number?


I think he meant National Insurance number


Yeah, that’s what I mean. You haven’t got one?


No I’m 15


Oh dear I would be going through the roof if I was you


Nor do I.

Pathetic high five


When are you sixteen?

They usually send it a few months before


8th Feb


Ah not for a while.

Did he ask if you were 16 before he hired you and did he know your age?

If he knew your age and hired you, you could take him to small claims court for the money owed if he refuses to pay; b/c of that’s illegal asf.


Yeah my date of birth was on my CV and I clearly said to him that I’m 15. Such a cunt. Parents need to get involved if I go to court so I’d rather not.


[quote=“Hevallo, post:132, topic:105767”]Parents need to get involved if I go to court

No they don’t.


6 days younger than me yet so much more mature


Aha thanks


Wait what?


I don’t think they technically need to be involved.

Because of your age you’ll likely get legal aid as well, meaning you’d get an hour free consultation with a solicitor; and if they’re ‘no win, no fee’, then you’ve got nothing to lose.


Imma try that


Not something you need to be worried about at this stage. I’m in a pretty similar situation. Just study the subjects you find most interesting, do the things you enjoy most in your spare time, and then try to find a way to get paid for one of them.


depends on what country you live in, most developed countries have workers representation firms that will fight the battle for free or will only require a percentage of the winnings if you win.


I can’t seem to remember key statistics used during debating which I could remember just a few months ago.