New Rant Thread



If that is bugging you then welcome to my world when small things bug me all the time


Yeah same


Usually though it’s not a massive problem, since I either look up the statistics on the internet (when debating on YD) or have already memorised the topic beforehand (when actually formally debating), but soon I might have to learn how to debate spontaneously for some thing I’m doing so I’ll need to remember some key points.


As it stands I cannot afford to go back to school, and I’m becoming increasingly convinced I’ll be working unskilled-low-skilled labor for the rest of my life.


Perhaps doing online courses. Coursera have loads of online courses, and you can get a grant from them for your certificate, so it would be free if you qualify for funding.

You don’t know, nobody knows, what will happen with the rest of your life. Build up your CV, get experience in a variety of jobs, apply for work experience and apprenticeships with different companies.


Which country do you live in?


Was meant to spend a few minutes here, ended up spending around half and hour!


dick doesn’t work and my back hurts.


You tried taking the batteries out, rubbing it on your jumper and having another go?


nah it’s anatomical.


6 week holidays just aren’t enough.

Why can’t it be 52 weeks


I don’t know why I’m alive; I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be.

Bonus Round: It’s almost fucking ironic when you become more depressed when you realise your depression is nothing compared to the IRL suffering to children in Syria and Iraq.


That’s probably the best way to go about it. There are so many out there that have it worse and it’s a reminder of how lucky we actually are.


To become more depressed?

Sounds like solid advice.


Haha no. I meant to say that remembering that you could be in a much worse situation. But since we are living more comfortably, it’s up to us to do what we can for those who aren’t.


I get that everyday.


Working theory:

combining high empathy people with a global information network such that they are constantly exposed to human tragedy causes depression


Hey, at least we understand what’s going on in the world and look for ways to make of it a better place. Unlike a certain ethnocentric elitist one…


oh I understand what’s going on in the world

subjective opinion

hey, at least I’m happy with my day to day life


You probably aren’t wrong, actually. [x] [x] [x]