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I need money, like really fast. My earphones are damaged and I’m very short of money!


Have you got enough to buy food etc.?


Yeah. My family’s not short of money, it’s just my own budget.


Save up, offer to do jobs for your parents or neighbours in return for money, like mowing the lawn, cleaning the house etc.


@Frankie @Latte_Liberal

Or do real work for real pay. Jobs for parents and whatever are badly paid and aren’t legitimate.

Get a job, independent cafes are always looking for young staff because they’re cheaper to employ. The money is shit (trust me, I know), but a job’s a job and you may even be able to have it cash-in-hand. Alternatively, create a Fiverr account and use whatever skills you have to make dosh.


The troubled teen industry locks people up, victims of child porn get arrested, yet what do people complain about? Trump’s statements, “the one percent”, etc.


Not really worth arguing over.

Actually worth arguing over. By which I’m of course on about the 1% of the 1%.


Well yeah, but if he just wants quick money, then little jobs are easier.


Not worth the money, some independent places will pay cash-in-hand and on a weekly basis.


Find a job and trust in the market to give you a decent monetary retribution :wink:


I’m gonna look for a job soon anyway, but that will take a bit of time. I was thinking more about ways to raise a little money immediately.


fiddle the stock markets


Can’t I’m not 18 yet


Online match betting.

They can’t check your age.


@Latte_Liberal do not get into betting.


It’s matched betting.


So, some recent and some not-so-recent news from Argentina:

  • Teenage criminality is at its highest point since 2013.
  • Industries are falling.
  • Gas, water and electricity bills are up to 400% more expensive. So much that several regional governments and even the Supreme Court and the Chamber of Deputies have started to act against it.
  • Mid-sized and small enterprises are falling.
  • High inflationary prices on foodstuffs (up to 12 times more expensive than in 2006). Some producers have started to throw away their production because they can’t sell it but at horrendously low prices, yet the final products are somehow very overpriced…
  • Criminality is an all-time high. Not even policemen or government ministries are safe.
  • Poverty is on the rise.
  • Activity of dangerous drug bands is on the rise.
  • Public hospitals and education underfunded as always.
  • Dangerous floods caused by dubious activities of enterprises on natural enviroments surrounding high-risk areas in Northern Buenos Aires, Southern Santa Fé and Entre Ríos.
  • Macri’s government enacting “anti-riot laws” which in reality are for repressing even peaceful protests, and also repealing old laws protecting workers on strike.

If you didn’t get it by now: we’re fucked.

With <3, from Argentina.

(that one ain’t me, btw. I don’t live in a flood-risk area)


What degree/ level of capitalism and free markets do you guys have?


Solution: force all highly-empathetic people into Luddite farming communities, slowly genetically engineer a race of wood elves

lol second link is broken, don’t understand the meaning behind the third


Damn, the second link was a .pdf of another paper (a correlational study) that was a little more detailed.

The last one is just a place to shitpost about depression and communism.