New ride


I bought a Toyota Supra. 1989 Dont know what I’m going to do with it.
I got it dirt cheap but it is in excellent shape. The Body has no dings just a couple little nicks on the bumper. The interior is in great shape too.
But alass it’s not a turbo.
I’ll put up some pics later.


nice. my godfather has a 1995 supra i think thats the year. it is a v6 and hes got turbos on it. also, it is a 6 speed. its a fast car too. he also has a black el camino with drag suspension and a 350 in it. i was going to consider buying his el camino for 4500, it is a 1969, but i got my mustang instead :smiley:

supras are nice though. his wife drives it to work some too.