New Ride


Well Jan got a new ride to make it for the time being LOL … Dad picked it out and though its not a sports car it will get good gas mileage till I can get to work and save some money… and its really not to bad … 5 speed … cassette , 10 changer CD . sunroof . and air that freezes you :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana


what is it?!


OH Sorry a …Galant … 97 only 100 thousand miles clean and only problem is the electric sunroof wont open ???


nice. is the motor for the electric sunroof bad?

seems like a nice car. good job jan. im happy for ya :banana


I thought so 38 hundred dollars with those low miles … and will be paid off in 15 months and … I dont know about the motor in the sunroof they think it came lose are something but i dont know any one who knows anything about Sunroofs ???


Re: RE: New Ride

yeah, it sucks in comparison to a vert :lol :lol


well since stangs dont have sunroofs as an option, try and find a mitsubishi galant forum or something? :dunno

hope you get it working cuz summers almost here


Well actually it doesnt for now …considering whats going on i think it was cool dad would finance it for me and even bother to pick it out :lol :lol


Awww, so you didn’t get the other car you were looking at? Oh well, you can save for a stang now!!

As for the sunroof, it might be the motor or something, which wouldn’t cost that much, hopefully.


Thats what im hopeing Rach Dad wouldnt let me get the Camaro cause it had been damaged in the front end … and they dont get the gas mileage the galant does so he choice this one :lol :lol Im gona tint the wondows and get some cute rims and be happy for now and save for MY MUSTANG


Good for you Jan.

On the road again :smiley:


Yea after being in here a week and half with no way out … Its kinda like having Cabin fever :lol :lol


Well, atleast you’ve got a car now. Maybe you can get a mustang in the next couple years-- a brand new one!! :banana


hey congtrats T. im happy for you.


Thank You Haus believe me its a relief for sure :banana :banana :smiley:


are you bringing the galant to the meet?


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now ya know what i felt like wit my pony not idling correctly t


my mom has a 2000 galant…car rides nice


i guess so even though i had no car at all …not a broke down one in the yard i could fix ???


Your better off with the Galant over that V6 Firebird you wanted. In your situation, the Galant is perfect for you. Congrats. That V6 Firebird would have ate you alive in repair bills.