New secret weapon for the Stang


Here it is check this out.

Joe’s car is going down now.


OMG!! what will they come up with next. ?? :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl :rofl :rofl

this is great:

“Do you want your slow car, or even fast car, to sound even faster??”
"Why spend thousands of dollars on a turbo system if you just want the awesome sound? "

:lol :lol


Now. all I got to do is sit at a light and rev my shit. Everybody runs away but the Hoes.

What’s even real cool about these is the clamp hangin out of my exhaust.

People see that and they have no idea what’s about to hit them. Actually, I was cruizen down the highway and 1 person did get hit. Fell out of my drivers side pipe and nailed his window. He never knew what hit him.



I’m sure there’s some sorry sap out there that will. Hopefully, it will not be a Stang owner!


i have seen so many of these things in practice, that it is sad…i have even seen a fox at a car show, that was blown, with dual turbo tips…it belonged to some f’in old guy who said he wasnt happy with how the blower sounded… :dunno


Re: RE: New secret weapon for the Stang.

well, at least his car was fast (i assume)- its better than some random shitbox doing the same thing and making people THINK its fast.


he pulled out and dropped the clutch and stalled it…then pulled back into his spot…and someone who may otr may not have been me put a note on the windshield that said “sell your car to someone who knows how to use it”


How did the exhaust sound though. does this stupid thing actually work?


Re: RE: New secret weapon for the Stang.

hahaha, but yeah, how did it sound?

did it do what it says it does?


it works alright…do you know what a kazoo is? i think that is the right spelling…this thing that you hum into…little kids play with them…get one of those, and hum a really high pitch note…it changes a bit with rpm, but not much…and you can see it…and it just looks stupid…it sounded like a regular blown stang…with a turbo whistle…so imagine if you could make your blown stang sound like it had a little kid jammed in the trunk with a kazoo… :smiley:


wow that thing is fugging funny


I just ordered one…coming 2nd day!


the sad part is people buy them