New staff changes!


There have recently been some changes made to the staff team, which you should all be aware of.

I’ve allocated categories to the Moderators, which they are directly responsible for, as well as moderating the site as a whole.

@Doctapper - Sociology, Culture & Religion
@John - Economics
@Rinveron - History - Political Ideology & Philosophy
@Scott - Environment, Science & Technology
@_lake - General Politics

@liberalofthenorth will be acting as ‘staff member without portfolio’, so will be doing odd jobs for us, such as advertising research.

@Josh_Waller has been voted as Community Representative, following a recent election. So congratulations, Josh. :slight_smile:




FTFY. I won the electoral college, remember?


This is not the real universe.

This is the real universe xxx


Congratulations @Josh_Waller, despite my fierce campaign against you, I graciously accept this result and I hope you do a good job!




Do you put ‘Forum Director of YD’ on your CV?


It’s on there, yes.


I’m going to try and find you a proper hobby one day.


Looking for a babysitter?


Not sure that’d be up Frankie’s street.