New Users Introduce Yourselves!


We’ve seen a lot of new users trickle in over the last week with many different (yet awesome) point of views, however without much introduction. We’re happy you joined and would love to get you more engaged.

Calling all new users to introduce themselves! Few optional questions below to get the intro’s rolling in!

  • What policies, social issues or other are you interested in discussing?
  • Which country are you from?
  • What are some of your hobbies?
  • What’s a book, movie or song you recommend?

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I am going to do this as I have not done it in a while.

Q: What policies, social issues or other are you interested in discussing?
A: I am a liberal, environmentalist, feminist, secularist etc I could go on forever. I am interested in debating a broad range of issues.

Q: Which country are you from?
A: United Kingdom

Q: What are some of your hobbies?
A: Geography, education and politics

Q: What’s a book, movie or song you recommend?
A: Book is The Girl on the Train, movies are ones like Conjuring 2 and songs are anything from Fleetwood Mac, Lady Gaga, Adele or Beyonce.


Here we go! I am of right-wing stance and a member of the conservative party. I particularly enjoy discussing economic policy but am also fascinated with the Brexit negotiations!

I am from England, born and bred in Yorkshire. I love rugby, union of course, playing, refereeing or coaching. I love them all!

A good song? Hmmm… ‘The way I tend to be’ By Frank Turner - just an amazing song!


Great song choice, even if you chose the wrong side of the political spectrum :wink:


Lefty keen on classic lefty stuff but closest to heart is education and the political system in general (i.e. democracy and the way politics is undertaken)

UK, Devon boy (so I do cream teas the correct way around)

Writing, guitar, music, books (I’m counting that as a hobby), sport wise rugby, squash and basketball.

Just one? :’( Catch 22, Les Intouchables and Breadcrumbs by Deca


Ditto it seems :joy:


You should talk to @Sir_Mobutu_of_Devons!

Never heard of any of those!


Say if you came from one of the social media sites please :joy:, give me some kind of reassurance that my advertising didn’t go to waste!


I think I saw this on Twitter?


Facebook but I think recommended by a friend rather than ads


Wait a minute… How’d you know they’re from devon!!! #nsa #privacy :wink:

Catch 22 is one of the best books since a caveman first painted a particularly fluffy mammoth on his wall. It’s where the saying comes from. With Les Intouchables half the time you wont be able to tell whether the tears are from laughter or sadness… (it’s mostly funny tbh, but that made a good image). Deca’s so smooth, if you’re into fairly chilled hiphop (as a white guy I immediately sound like a forty year old dad when I say hiphop but oh well)


Hi everyone, I just joined about an hour ago.

Q) What policies, social issues or other are you interested in discussing?
A) Firstly I’d describe myself as neither liberal nor conservative. I hold both right wing views and (sometimes very) left wing views towards differing issues. I’m interested in discussing a variety of social issues/policies etc such as the economy, business, education, euthanasia, general politics, brexit and far more!

Q) What country are you from?
A) I’m from England, United Kingdom.

Q) What are some of your hobbies?
A) Writing, reading, photography, debating, watching films, reading comic books, and gaming, just to name a few!

Q) What’s a book, movie or song you recommend?
A) For a book, I’d recommend Boy in the Stripes Pyjamas by John Boyne. It’s an incredibly emotional take on a strong friendship between a Nazi child and an oppressed Jewish child in a concentration camp during the Holocaust.
As an avid film watcher, I could name many films however my ultimate favourite has to be Star Wars Episode V - Empire Strikes Back. Best Star Wars film ever made.

And to the social media manager, I was made aware of this website through a facebook advert! :grinning:


Welcome to YD, it’s lovely to have you here!

Please message me any time if you need help with anything or have any questions. :slight_smile:


Ooh fun, guessing right something along the lines of right wing economically but libertarian socially? Was I close?


I’ve watched the film. Very powerful and aggressive. It has that same kind of feeling as Marley and Me although they are two very different subjects.


Absolutely love the Conjuring movies! First one was the best.

I look forward to you starting some awesome topics here!

Huge basketball fan, do you watch FIBA or NBA? And no way, tell us as much as you want!

I’m embarrassed to say I have yet to watch any Star Wars films…


I thought you liked your fantasy, I’m disappointed. :disappointed:


Now you see Conjuring 2 felt a lot more relatable to me. More because it is set in Britain and two I have a obsession somewhat with the Enfield haunting case.

I am also a fan of researching paranormal stuff, with a more specific spotlight on ghosts.


Socially spot on. Economically speaking pretty much. I tend not to label my economic views, as they fluctuate a lot lol.