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Hello I am A random capitalist. Hence the name. I believe in an extremely limited government and absolute economic and personal freedom.


Hello. Im new. Im a Marxist-Leninist. Im from USA, of Russian, Polish, Irish descent. Hobbies are Tennis and Table-Tennis (competitive). A book to read: Nudge. Issues: Arguing any politics. Fighting back against IDpol. Radicalizing folks.


Yes. I assume you are pro-brexit?


Welcome :slight_smile:

  1. The Struggle of the Proleteriat, Amerikan Imperialism, Amerika’s prison system.
  2. The U.S.A
  3. Reading, Chess, Martial arts
  4. I think Comrade Friedrich is pretty underappreciated, he has many good books.
    *Im not a tankie


I’ve never actually seen anyone answer those questions before :laughing: I was actually a little confused when I first read your post.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Have you been doing martial arts for long? Which one(s) do you do?


Martial Arts for 3 years.
Its pretty Much A Mix Of Kajukenbo And Kung Fu.


Cool avatar and username by the way :fire:


I am a Neo-Fascist. I believe in Imperialist foreign policy, limited domestic government with exception to regulation of the environment and worker’s rights (including the ability to form unions).

What policies, social issues or other are you interested in discussing?
Anything really. I find talks about economic policy, domestic policy, and foreign policy (social, fiscal, military) enjoyable.
Which country are you from?
The United States of America
What are some of your hobbies?
I like woodshop, swimming, and I play games sometimes
What’s a book, movie or song you recommend?
Read the Rise and Fall of Rome through all of its volumes, watch “The Great Dictator”, and listen to Rhodesians Never Die.


Hi, I’m Thomas. I’m quite sympathetic to socialism. I’m from Canada, I’m progressive (I know that’s like a kick me sign on the internet.)

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

I like writing, watching movies with my friends and playing videogames casually. I also enjoy reading but I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like.

Q: What’s a book, movie, or song you recommend?

I recommend the movie Inception. Mostly because I think it appeals to a lot of different people, and there’s always something new I notice each time I watch it.


I probably shoulda done this when I signed up a couple weeks back but screw it.

I’m Ka1serTheRoll, proud New Yorker, gopnik, and Kaiserreich fan. Politically, I’m economically a centrist but socially I’m very libertarian.

Hobbies: Gaming and memes. History buff so I spend a lot of time watching documentaries and videos as well as reading about history. Also big into gaming. Got really into the Witcher 3 lately and have always been a big fan of Kaiserreich (Hearts of Iron 2 and 4 mod).

Recommended books: the Odyssey probably my favorite book of all time. Metro 2033 and basically anything written by Isaac Asimov I’m also into.

Movies: this one is harder. The first two Monty Python films are gold and Blade Runner has always been a favorite of mine.

Music: Rap. Hardcore, battle, 90s gangster rap, all of that shit. Would highly recommend Gorgorod by Oxxxymiron (it’s in Russian tho, be warned), 36 chambers by Wu Tang, Illmatic by Nas, Ready to Die by Notorious BIG, Black on Both Sides by Mos Def, and Freedom of Speech by Ghetto/Ghetts for starters


incoherent sexual moaning


Where aboots?


As I said, radical centrism


How would you describe your political views specifically?


If politics got me laid that easily, I’d be JFK 2.0. The difference is that I’d keep my head together and not bother with marriage


Northern Ontario! Where are you from?


Its hard to say; in a general sense?: Leftist. However I don’t know what I would specifically identify as.


I actually haven’t done this. At least I don’t think lol. Anyway Ill answer the questions:

For me, everything and anything lol. I switch from ideology to ideology a lot, just to try it out for a bit/argue for it. But one of the sayings that is forever implanted in my head “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” (Stupider isn’t really a word but.)

The U S of A

I love to read and write. Arguing is fun ofc too. But i’d say writing is what I like to do most.

Best Book: The Host by Stephanie Meyer or The Outsiders by S.E Hinton
Best Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas is hands down best movie ever to be ever created, nothing is better than this movie. NOTHING. Best movie series though is LOTR.
Best Song: Don’t really have one, but I listen to uicideBoy, OmenXIII, and The Neighbourhood a lot.

I’m also very extra. I plan on trying to create a new sort of ideology/ get the beginnings so I can create my own Political Party in the U.S lol
Heres the flag:


Toronto. You from like Timmons or something?