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Whaaat?! Damn you need to spend a day with me then you’ll be a Star Wars nerd by the end! :joy:


The film was amazing, it certainly captured the strong message Boyne successfully conveyed in the novel.


he has many fantasies @shaz


I have a friend who’s NBA obsessed and he got me to check some out but tbh at the moment it’s more of something I did a bit at school and want to get into at uni where there’s actually a team :wink: Fancy setting up a b-ball thread and teaching me everything you know? Then I wont turn up knowing nothing


Found anything interesting so far?


Ah fair, but in general don’t fuck up the economy because then you can’t unfuck up anything?


I just like to look at stories/evidence. They give me entertainment on boring days.

Of course I’m 15 and cannot afford proper paranormal equipment such as EVP recorders and as well the travelling element. I think there could possibly be such a thing as ghosts, just it’s hard to catch evidence. It’s definitely worth not ruling it out.


I think I found a flaw with your quoting system…


Yep, just don’t leave the EU otherwise trade will go down the pan. Oh, hold on…


I’m onto it.


Could you start a thread for it? I’ve never seen any stuff (no bloody clue what an EVP recorder is) but if they’re ghosts I wouldn’t mind being one of the first to know…


Ugh, remainer.


Still not fixed :wink:


Hey I respect the decision of the country, but I don’t think it was the right one.


I don’t doubt that.

Oh god.


Good to know, too many remoaners around social media nowadays. But anyway, welcome to YouthDebates!


Basically you can edit the quote once it’s in the textbox because it’s just normal text


Yeah it does anger me when I see ‘remoaners’ as you put it, moaning about the outcome. Can’t change it, so what’s the point of moaning? And thanks for the welcome! :smile:


Remoaners is about as helpful as calling all brexiters racist… The shittest thing about politics atm might just be the buzzwords that are used to shut down debate e.g. political correctness, establishment


I don’t get what’s the problem with ‘remoaners’

Do you stop moaning when the Tories come into power and you’re a labour supporter?

Labourites were pretty annoying when I was a Tory supporter in 2015 I can vividly remember with their ‘hurr durr votes were rubbed out’ etc conspiracy theories.