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What makes you a cynical member?


I mostly feel that it has been dragged towards the centre which Blair made and lacks strong ideological conviction, instead favouring short-termism for political expedience. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Conservatives properly reveling in the legacy of Joseph Chamberlain or taking a few pointers from LKY.


But if u like blair or not I kind of proves the public vote heavy for centrist governments… do u not fear a right wing tory party would end up like the left wing labour we have now ?


Because the main parties are both centrists. And tribal vote is still king.


I feel that the public vote for governments with good PR in essence. Blair was masterful with the media and had the right tone to succeed. At that moment in time centrism was popular.


Populism is what’s popular atm (right wing populism) but populism goes again both main parties… the Tories wont do it because they will be branded same old nasty tories etc… and labour get a lot of minority voters so they wont do it… I think atm both main parties don’t fit in with a lot of the public


I would agree there, the Tories, if they had a civilised right wing authoritarian character in charge, would utterly crush everyone. For example, Joseph Chamberlain was he around would be ideal here. Enoch Powell, I would also have a field day were his economics different.


No because right wing populism is very different to right wing conservatism… the right wing conservatism (which u would end up with) would not be anti establishment which is where many votes come from… the populism we have today is cuts to benefits cuts to immigration and blowing the shit out of terrorists… but its the anti populism which gets the votes (because the Tories do the rest anyway)


I am not disagreeing with you there. RWAism rarely exhibits Conservative characteristics other than to appease its supporters.


Names Jennifer Hamilton.

I am interested in policies about immigration, foreign aid and protectionism.
My main concern is to tackle terrorism.

I’m from the UK

Some of my favourite hobbies are playing cards with friends, debating and I guess maths is fun.

A movie I would recommend is fight club, who doesn’t like that movie.



Where would you place yourself on the political spectrum?


Welcome to the forum! I hope to see you in a debate soon.

Where do you stand on the immigration issue in the U.K.?

What kind of card games do you play?


These days I’m more centre right. Most suitable ideology is probably libertarian.


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: What do you feel about immigration ? Its such a hot topic around the world currently


I think we should be tighter on immigration and be able to ‘pick’ who comes in, who’s gonna be more useful to economy etc. Not always but more than currently. My parents are from Poland and many polish migrants add to the polish economy but I know some, in fact I even have a cousin, who live on benefits. Not too pleased about that. Also I know many polish people who are not motivated to intergrate. Some live here a decade and speak poor English, and many legitimately hate other racial group and very islamaphobic. I can imagine perhaps similar problems from other migrant groups, however this divides the nation. I say let the ones who are willing to put in the extra effort to integrate and add to the economy in.

Also as far refugees go, we should be taking in mostly kids only. And adults should be thoroughly checked, and make up the minority of the refugees coming in.


Hi I just wrote a longish answer. Long story short. I think we should be stricter.


I agree with many of your points and want stricter immigration my self but I find that point hard because who do you know someone wont go on benefits once they have been given citizenship (which is the point of no return)


Hi! How are you? :slight_smile:

How do you think we can tackle terrorism?


Do you identify with any particular party?


Yes you are right. But there’s definitely some type of correlation between ‘promising migrants’ and low likelyhood of taking benefits. Therefore atricter migration leads to fewer taking benefits.