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Hey I love Adam Smith.

He was more of a Market Socialist that a Neo-Liberal. Many people forget Smith’s messages and think he is a justification for toxic neoliberlism and corporatism that grips our world.


I voted Tory in 2015 when they were still under Cameron, and I voted leave. I like some of the new cabinet members like Clark and Davis, but I really don’t like Theresa May or the direction the Home Office wants to take national security legislation.

Will protest vote either UKIP or Liberal in 2020 if nothing much changes. I live in an uber-safe Tory seat.


Eh, modern libertarians certainly co-opt him to an unreasonable degree, but I wouldn’t say he was more of a market socialist than a liberal.


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Welcome to the forums! I hope to see you in a debate soon.

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Are you supportive of wealth redistribution?


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I am in favour of fair pay. I don’t like to see a hardworking Doctor, for example, my father who works hard as a consultant in the NHS get paid very little in comparison to hedgefund portfolio managers like my uncle who get paid in millions of £s just for manipulating money. I believe in money based on how much good you do for humanity e.g. firemen and doctors get paid more than bankers who do little for society.

I see your communist profile pic. I am not in favour of mass wealth redistribution as I believe this gets rid of the incentive to work and also reduces competitiveness and innovation. Although, I love communist memes!

I am also against huge wealth disparity. I would like to see the poorest half of the world owning at leats 25% of the wealth rather than 3% or 4% that they do currently.

Hope that answers your question.




Why are you a Conservative?


I think what gets lost a lot in discussions about socialism vs. capitalism is that the value of capitalism comes mostly from the informational signals of a market.

If all firms were democratically operated within a market economy, it could function perfectly well, or even better than our current model of capitalism.

As long as there is a dynamic market.


That’s why market socialism works well.


I’m not in favor of it at this time just because I think the far-left have a long way until they can fight again. I also consider myself a socialist, not a communist, since I believe in the existence of the state.

Communist memes are great, though. :joy:


I’m pretty Burkean in my outlook. I’m not sure I’d call myself a social conservative, but traditionalism is something I hold dear. Preservation of institutions and the British constitution is important to me. I’m fairly centrist on economic questions.

I wouldn’t call myself a Tory, though. I vote for them, but only because they’re closest to what I believe.


I see. Me to. I like economic fairness and wealth equality but don’t like the lefts destruction of traditional values.

I will have to research 'Burkean’ism. Don’t know what this is.


Basically a synonym for traditionalist conservatism with liberal tones. Comes from the parliamentarian Edmund Burke.


What policies, social issues or other are you interested in discussing?
Secularisation, the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, liberalism, progressivism and monarchism.

Which country are you from?
The United Kingdom.

What are some of your hobbies?
I enjoy history and collect militaria. I also enjoy politics and sociology.

What’s a book, movie or song you recommend?
A book, movie or song? Mmmmm… The Man in the High Castle is a pretty good book. It Happened Here (1964) is a really good movie that looks into alt history. I am not really into music but Crocodile Rock (Elton John) is a pretty good song.


Yes @Ismail_Mir :stuck_out_tongue:, guess who?




Yep😁, welcome!


That’s a very intersting set of beliefs, how do you conflate liberalism and progressivism with monarchism?


You a liberal like a centrist/centre-right liberal or a Farronite/social democrat liberal?