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Hello! Looking at your answers to the questions you’re really ideologically similar to me.


Lol. Hi :smiley:


I value an impartial and unifying head of state, and my distrust of politicians and the example of the heads of state in the United States and Russia make me look at countries like the Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom and value their heads of state.

I do understand that it is a contradiction, but I do not think that monarchism is something that cannot be supported by a progressive liberal.


I don’t know; I am a monarchist and so may be a liberal of the centre-right, but I do value a strong welfare state and believe in more state funding of higher education (i.e. heavily reduced university fees or the reintroduction of grants).

I personally don’t really like the left-wing/right-wing labels, so I will leave it to others to work out that question :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re left wing. And are you my political twin? I’m a liberal who supports the monarchy and I see value in having a welfare state.


I thought I was the only ‘leftish’ monarchist out there!

Long live the Queen!


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define monarchist, do you mean you want the primary ruler to be your reining monarch?


I am a supporter of constitutional monarchism. I would not advocate Her Majesty The Queen having complete control over the legislative and executive branches of government, but I do support her having specific reserve powers that would be used only when required.

I am a strong believer in democracy and so a democratically-elected government is required alongside a hereditary monarchy for a state to function more to my liking.


A Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy, in the context of the United Kingdom.


Never gonna be a fan of that incestual line, they kinda are responsible for fucking up ireland for centuries because “muh power politics”. The amount of dead irish people as a result of their actions will haunt this island forever. I can put it aside for the british people, but I dont know if i can ever reconcile this with your monarchy or some of your countries heroes. The biggest offender being cromwell(i know he isnt a monarch), who basically lead a genocide against the irish and old english who lived alongside us(eventually becoming apart of us blood line wise) , killing off nearly a 1/3rd of the population.


Cromwell was actually the only leader that we’ve had that hasn’t been a monarch.


I can completely understand that line of thinking. One thing I would say is that the institution should not be assumed to be the same as the individual. One monarch who I have little time for is the Duke of Windsor (formerly Edward VIII); some of the things he has said are pretty vile and I do not really hold him in high esteem. However, our current Sovereign is a person who, although we share differing opinions on some things, I have complete respect for.

The institution of monarchy also brings people together, as well as dividing them (like in Ireland), and I would say that, whilst Ireland is a nasty part of British history, lots of us have moved on and tried to find a path that unites both the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as the British Monarchy and Irish presidency.


I do like the way she fucked with the King of Saudi Arabia.


The first time I read that, I misinterpreted it and… Yeah…

Now I understand; it is nice that someome in the establishment of British Government is willing to defy the Saudi’s, even if it is implicit.__


As someone who studies finance, that term is not accurate for the service that they provide to society.


Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the Waves!

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Ooh very good. Ive been meaning to buy that one. The tv show is on amazing and I haven’t quite gotten round to watching it.


Technically, but he did give himself the title of “Lord Protector”, which was a position for life and was hereditary… so, he was essentially a king, he just didn’t want to call himself that.



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And his son succeeded him for just under a year as Lord Protector, before being deposed by the army, paving the way for the restoration of the monarchy under Charles II.