New Users Introduce Yourselves!


I’m doing alright, thanks :slight_smile:

Well you will fit well here, most of our membership now I believe is right-wing, though socially I think we’re more liberal-leaning.

So are you a Trump-esque conservative, or more of a neocon?


Ah cool dude, Bristol is a great city. I currently live in a town called Newton Abbot, it’s quite close to Exeter.


I was very pro-Trump from the start. The USA election is the first political campaign I’ve watched unravel fully. I really got into the election through listening to Stefan Molyneux and Roger Stone. Nah, I’m not a fan of George Soros and his companions, haha.

It struck me to see Trump going down the foreign intervention route so suddenly, American history keeps repeating itself. However, he’s stuck to what he told the people he’d deliver in terms of creating jobs, cutting legislations and kicking out illegals. Am hoping he starts to deliver!


I stand strong on education. I don’t believe the grading specification should have been changed (this is just an example) - I’m happy to discuss my points further if anyone is interested. There are other things I stand for such as poverty, human rights, sexism…

I’m from England, South East to be specific.

I’m an athletic person, especially when it comes to football. I’m a journalist in my free time.

A book I recommend is “This Modern Love” by Will Darbyshire - I personally don’t own the book, but I know someone who does and it has all these love letters people have written and I must admit, it’s sweet to read. My favourite movie is “We Bought a Zoo” (makes me tear up at the final scene, all the time)


Welcome to the forums! Hope to see you in a debate soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or any of the other staff members here, we’re all happy to help.

What party do you support?


Welcome to the forums! Glad to have’ya here. If you have any questions just PM the staff. Though, I recommend @_lake He’s the best one.:smile:


I don’t specifically support a party, but I’m pretty left wing.


Awesome, same here! What do you think about Corbyn?


Define left wing, the left here ranges from the centre left ie liberals to the social democrats like Bernie sanders and Corbyn to the socialists and ancoms.


Which part of the South East?

I’m (basically) in Canterbury (when I’m not at uni)


Welcome to the forum!

Nice to see new members, especially from the left. I may be center / center-right but it’s nice to see more of a diversity of views.


I do like Corbyn. I remember one of his beliefs is about ending air strikes in Syria due to innocent Syrians being caught up in the war. I’m not one to enjoy conflict so I do stand by most of his points.

What about you?


Hi darling, how are you? :slight_smile:

Are you going to vote in the general election?


Probably Corbyn left wing.


Welcome to the forums @alisha.

What position do you play when playing football?

Remainer or Brexiteer?



I currently live in Bristol, where I have been living the last 16 years, but after my GCSEs are completed, I’m moving to Oxfordshire :grinning:


Ayyy, snap. I’m here for uni.


Thank you, John.

Left-back, mainly.



Which campus?


Uni of Bristol obv. City center campus.