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Brexiteer myself.

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Oh that one. I live close to the Frenchay campus.


Oh no, :oncoming_police_car:


Christ right on the edge of the South East then, nowhere near Kent :joy:


You’re way over on the other side of the South East! :joy:


I enjoy Corbyn’s principles and wish he was more successful. I don’t think the media gives him a fair shot.


Yeah I am :joy:

It’s great though, I have French wine at French prices less than 40 minutes away from my house :stuck_out_tongue:


No I do agree, he’s definitely got some media attention since Theresa May called for a snap election - then again, so have most party leaders…


I guess there’s always positives…:yum:


The media gives no one a fair shot

Remember the United Kingdom is culturally capitalist, in fact the fathers of free market ideas and trading all came from the uk, the support for a man like corbyn just isn’t in the uks character. What defeated one of the most successful prime ministers in the uk was not a social democratic force but a centre to slightly centre left Blair labour. Simply put the U.K. For quite some time is not prepared or interested in a man like Corbyn to come. The uk is simply just too right wing in both nature and character.


Always is


Yes, finally, someone else who’s not completely against Corbyn! :smile:



You can be as principled and honest along with Corbyn as you want, but simply you will not win.


But why Corbyn though? There are other hardline leftists who aren’t politically incompetent you know.



You can ask new users questions, but this thread isn’t for debates between you guys.


Haha, thank you!


Don’t worry.

I can fix that.


I dont believe you, you didnt even try with Alex the communist.


You wouldn’t be able to fix a loose screw.


Come now. This is the furthest left the Labour Leadership has been in our life times.
There is a civil war in the Labour Party. The left vs the right. Every leftist leader who steps up to the Leadership will be hated and discredited by the ‘mainstream’. Those of us who understand this dont listen to the propaganda blitzkrieg of the right.
Once you have a man of the left win 60% of the vote within the Party after decades of movement towards the right, you dont let go of that easily. So, why not someone else? Because (1) we know we will always be asked this question regardless and (2) we may not have the luxury of having another leftist leader who wants to change the Party for the better.

Jeremy Corbyn