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/>when she says you couldn’t fix a loose screw
/>when youve had a job involving fitting windows and doors and a lot of screws


I know a lost cause when I see one.


Lmao you wish.


My lack of standards mean I don’t have to wish.


I didnt know partisan suicide was “better”





From outside the party its the reasonable left vs people who would destroy the economy in a month if given power.

Generally speaking the term is referred to as the legacy media. [quote=“Alexandrovich, post:1170, topic:106680”]
Those of us who understand this dont listen to the propaganda blitzkrieg of the right.

It isnt really propaganda, we dont need to put much effort into it, you guys seem happy to do that all to yourselves.

following the public opinion and zeitgeist, like any other party would




How weird. I’ve lived (almost) in Oxfordshire all my life and now live in Bristol.


Holy shit, that’s weird.


Hi @Cyclops, welcome to the forum!

What policies, social issues or other things are you interested in discussing?
Which country are you from?
What are some of your hobbies?
What’s a book, movie or song you recommend?


Whatever pops up.
I play Dwarf Fortress because I spent a month learning how to play it and I’m not wasting a second of that time, that is pretty much my only hobby.
I like the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy


Welcome, what party do you support in the upcoming general election? :blush:


Welcome to YD!

What’s Dwarf Fortress? I’ve not heard of it before.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is so good!

If you ever need anything or have any queries, just send me a PM.


I haven’t given it much thought, I usually focus on working on my own thoughts and ideals rather than advocating the ideals of others.


Thank you, Dwarf Fortress is an incredibly tough game, mostly due to it’s awful interface, nonexistent graphics and overall complexity. It’s fun once you get into it,
Thanks again, I’ll keep that in mind.


That sounds horrible, not going to lie. :joy:

Do you go to school?


It is, the game is painful, even sadistic, in it’s attempts to ruin your day. But I guess either I like the challenge or I’m a masochist.

Yes, I do.


What do you study? :slight_smile:


Ever played RimWorld? It’s heavily inspired off Dwarf Fortress and actually has graphics lol

Anyway, welcome to the forums!