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What about protecting the people?


Perhaps I have not been so clear . As a democratic socialist I believe that in order for a country to prosper and truly be great , the people must be the number one priority. This takes into consideration social welfare policies which imposes acts, laws and rules that help to improve the lives of people in the community furthermore emphasizing social protection , which is concerned with preventing, managing, and overcoming situations that adversely affect people’s well being. Now in relation to protecting the people against foreign powers and providing a sense of security for individuals within the community , defense and police spending must obviously be made. Whats the use of having citizens that are scared and unprotected . Once again , in my opinion the people are always first.


Are you ready to support the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in its noble struggle against Western imperialism, comrade?


Goddamnit not another “socialist” , fucking Sanders lol


Wait until we tell him that Allende and Mandela were democratic socialists unlike Sanders, and not only did they support overthrowing capitalism in all its forms but they were friends of Comrade Fidel Castro, LOL.


Am I supposed to un-ironically support the DPRK and Castro because honestly I’m torn


Do whatever, fam. Though preferably not.


Are you Bandy


> Autisticreactionary

Well, you are certainly autistic.


Hi, I’m Sukhvinder Imran and I am a 19 year old Labour Party (Progress) member.

I was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire but now live in Yardley, Birmingham.

I am a social democrat and I am a member of ‘Progress’ in the Labour Party. I supported Liz Kendall for Labour Leadership in 2015, then Owen Smith in 2016. No, I do not think Corbyn is our saviour, his fame will be short lived.

I have lived in many constituencies, mainly Labour. Halifax, Leeds North West, Bradford West and now Birmingham Yardley.

My MP is Jess Phillips and quite frankly she is amazing.

Many people (due to my name) assume me to be socially conservative, that’s not the case. I was born into an Islam family but we are fairly liberal minded.


Welcome to the forums! I hope to see you debating soon :slight_smile:

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me or any of the other staff, we’re happy to help.

Do you consider yourself Muslim, or do you lean toward agnostic or something else?


Thank you!

Well I was born and raised into quite a relaxed Islamic family. When I’m saying labels about myself the first thing that comes out of my mouth isn’t “I’m a Muslim”. I am a Sunni Muslim though and do go to mosque regularly, as well as participating in fasting.


Families like mine are trying to change the stereotypes that we “hate gays” and “hate women”, yes it is quite a loud stereotype but if we work hard enough we can surely change it.


That’s awesome to hear! I think there are many Muslims in the western world who share the same sentiment as you, you don’t seem to be alone.


Welcome to the forums!

What makes you love Jess Phillips so much? If you were to say one thing she fights for that you appreciate the most, what would it be?


Nice to see you on the forums! Hopefully you’ll help liven the discussion up rather than the usual stale topics that appear.

I’m a Conservative supporter myself, albeit a disgruntled one. Why do you support the Labour Party? And, why do you support the more market-friendly strand of the party?


I dont know if this is better then a trot or not, :wink:

maybe, but hes brought the party to the hard left and gave it a proper presence in UK Politics, a very very necessary thing in the coming decades, a resurgence of real socialism is vital for dealing with the issues of climate change and automation.


The latter I would agree with you is only a stereotype, but by and large your people do share an animosity towards homosexuals. To change that would require a westernization of every remaining Muslim-majority society.