New Users Introduce Yourselves!


I’ve been here for a while, it’s recede day quite a bit from when I joined (we lost at least 15 actives and they haven’t been replaced)


Were there a few liberals? If so I could probably replace a few ahah I’m very mainstream


In the old days (talking about 2-3 years ago) most of the forum was split between the hard left and the nationalist right tbh. Hell, I was in the latter category. There were a few moderates (incl. center-left and center-right) around.


Anyway nice to see you around again. I remember you from when you were very pro-Syriza.


You replaced our arch liberal, by the looks of it, although he knew where liberals belonged and didn’t pretend to be left wing despite supporting social democratic policies. Ie he was an arduant member of the libdems


You can invite whoever you want, doesn’t matter their political position.


Arch liberal what policies?

As you know I can get pretty conservative on stuff like abortion.


Arch liberal as in the biggest proponent of liberal ideas policies etc on here , in your case neoliberal. Most modern conservatives especially in the British Conservative party are liberals as well, just with a soft social conservative twang and more aggressive on economic policy


Hey there Delilah.

Interested in all sorts of political stuff, religion as well.

I’m from the US. I like cars, playing guitar, computers/gaming, photography, and a ton of other stuff.

Recommended song: American Nightmare - Dead Eyes



lol dang im the only one in ages introducing myself here


Welcome to the forums! What religion in particular are you interested in?


Oh well, I personally believe in God (specifically Christian but not entirely interested in being under that label because it’s so broad). But I like discussing religion in general, I find it really useful in giving a perspective on life.


What are your political beliefs?



What are your thoughts on nationalism?


Hello All,

I am a new user interested in debating and discussing a wide range of political/social/economic/philosophical/etc. issues; all in the hope that I will be able to hone my own argument and communication skills as well as span my intellectual horizons.

What policies, social issues or other are you interested in discussing?
Well, to begin, I was/am raised in a very conservative, religious family living in a very liberal, deeply blue state (I am an American). And because of that, I consider my political viewpoints to be generally across the spectrum, and particularly of a centrist bent.

Which country are you from?
My Country 'Tis of Thee

What are some of your hobbies?
Trying to contact the rich and famous. Reading. Writing. Learning.

What’s a book, movie or song you recommend?
Book? When You Reach Me. Movie? Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Song? Roots Natty Roots.

Hope this helps and I look forward to our discussions.


To what end?


Wide range of everything really. I enjoy foreign policy more than anything. Pretty well balanced I guess.


Video games, reading, the occasional drink.

My favorite book I have read is The Kite Runner. My favorite movie, if you can’t guess from my picture, The Dark Knight Trilogy. I don’t really have a favorite song, but I enjoy listening to Mumford and Sons. Can’t name a favorite song or band. Have too many I like.


Welcome to the forums @The_Lost_One. How did you find out about us?


Welcome, hope to see you in a debate soon. If you have any questions, feel free to message me or any of the other staff, we’re happy to help.


Hey! Hey!
-Im From the United Kingdom
-Im a member of Libertarian Party UK
-I self Identify as somewhere between a classical Liberal and a minarchist. Often referring to myself as a friedmanite
-I rate Economic Issue normally of a higher importance over social ones however as a Libertarian Freedoms often crossover.
-Economically the free market, welfare and taxation mean a lot to me.
-Socially Rights and a constitution mean a lot with a heavy focus on getting rid of any trace of “affirmative action”.