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like, the Huxley book?


Yes, excellent read.


Hey there, I’m Rían from Ireland. I’m a person with very mixed opinions, that could sometimes be contradictory, but I believe that my opinions are something that change, I don’t cling to them as if they ARE me, which is something I wish most people would stop doing.

I identify as a member of the LGBT community, however again, I have mixed thoughts on a number of issues surrounding this, I’m not liberal or conservative. I’d consider myself more of a 50:50 45:55 kind of dealio, I stray far from the extremes for my own sanity.

As far as religion goes, I don’t believe in it, if you do, well good for you, I’m glad you still have faith forever as for me, I just don’t, I find it improbable that there’s some supernatural being hand picking scenarios for all 7.4 billion of us, and whatever amount of other planets that support life. I don’t believe in omnipotence in general.

But heyyy I hope to get involved in some of the debates, Hopefully, I can be corrected in my thoughts and opinions, or I can help someone become disillusioned too.


Welcome to the forums, hope to see you in a debate soon! How long have you been a libertarian?


Welcome to the forums! What party do you support in Ireland?


Welcome to the forums @Rian_Errity and @1_Quantum

What are your opinions on immigration?

What are your opinions on abortion?


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Welcome to the forums, hope to see you in a debate soon! How long have you been a libertarian?
Almost a year


Hmm Immigration is something which needs to be controlled and regulated while a welfare state is in place (discrimination based on skill) but in absence of welfare state, you can have virtually free movement with the only people coming will be the ones capable of supporting themselves.

As for Abortion im normally “pro-life” because i find it difficult to concretely say when life begins (and so has human rights). SInce you cant put a tag on it then it’s never safe, it’s all opinion based which isn’t good enough for a moral policy. HOWEVER i know there is some situations where mothers life is in danger or the child’s life will be seriously suffering if born in which case i believe its a “lesser of two evils” kind of deal. I like the British System of two doctors approval.


Hello I am a new user.

Q:What policies, social issues or other are you interested in discussing?
A: I am a Conservative. I enjoy debating every issue which will come up (espicially enjoy controversial ones.)

Q:Which country are you from?
A: United States

Q:What are some of your hobbies?
A: I play the Bagpipes. I shoot in clay target competitions.

Q:What’s a book, movie or song you recommend?
A: Lord of the Rings both movies and books. Also a Gentleman in Moscow is a great book.


Which sub faction,

Classical liberals, evangelical, fiscal or trumpite.

Which sate

One thing i will always be jelous of america, guns.


Welcome to the forums @Bilbo2445!

What are your opinions on gay marriage and abortion?


Evangelical Christian mainly. I however agree with fiscal economics.

From Texas.

I could go on for days talking about this but here are my general thoughts.
Abortion I think is a terrible thing. I do not agree with killing babies.
I do not agree with Gay Marriage for mainly religious reasons.


Y’know these aren’t the only forms of conservatism, right? Even in an American context they aren’t. Especially classical liberal, which isn’t even a form of conservatism. I’d struggle to call “Trumpism” conservative too.


it is, its under the american conservative umbrella,

Considering the stances that often come from that camp often directly align with other traditional conservative groups i would say otherwise.

Why am i not surprised lol

No but they are the mainstream families of it, most other factions are subfactions of the ones i listed


That they are not the only ones doesn’t mean they aren’t very very common, so much so that there is a strong chance one of them is the correct one.

When you see someone calling themselves a socialist you assume that they are either a confused bernie bro, an anarkiddie, or a tankie. Seems to work most of the time.


The core ideological “Trumpites” are usually alt-right or alt-lite to some degree, which isn’t conservative. Most other supporters are either conservatives who had no one else to cling to, or nativists and/or people easily swayed by right populists. Obviously there are other groups, but yeah.


Sure, won’t deny it, but @Lenin_mog tends not to mean things that way.


But would you accept another person’s right to get married as a gay person?


Yes if they leave me alone. By that I mean I don’t want to be forced to be their baker or florist since it is against my religious values.


Welcome to the forums! It’s cool that you’re into shooting, coincidentally your socialist friends will agree with your right to bear arms. Y’know, just throwing that out there :wink:

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