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Not new but hi


Hey big boy


A feotus is not a baby.


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That is where we disagree. As early as 5 weeks the child has a beating heart.


Trust me, you won’t change her mind.


Is a beating heart a metric for a living individual thats relevant here? There isnt a brain that can generate a person yet.



Make your own thread.



You know me too well.






My name is K.V.Krishna Teja. I love to discuss about topics related to the problems of youth and my nation. I am from India. I would recommend the book “Little Women”.


Hello I am A random capitalist. Hence the name. I believe in an extremely limited government and absolute economic and personal freedom.


Hello. Im new. Im a Marxist-Leninist. Im from USA, of Russian, Polish, Irish descent. Hobbies are Tennis and Table-Tennis (competitive). A book to read: Nudge. Issues: Arguing any politics. Fighting back against IDpol. Radicalizing folks.


Yes. I assume you are pro-brexit?


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  1. The Struggle of the Proleteriat, Amerikan Imperialism, Amerika’s prison system.
  2. The U.S.A
  3. Reading, Chess, Martial arts
  4. I think Comrade Friedrich is pretty underappreciated, he has many good books.
    *Im not a tankie


I’ve never actually seen anyone answer those questions before :laughing: I was actually a little confused when I first read your post.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Have you been doing martial arts for long? Which one(s) do you do?


Martial Arts for 3 years.
Its pretty Much A Mix Of Kajukenbo And Kung Fu.


Cool avatar and username by the way :fire: