New video in my showcase


check out my new video in my showcase. :smiley:


you rock


Thats some cool shiz… bet it’d be a fun ride inside. Strap me in!!!


yeah that truck is hoping using air. im guessing hes running 1" valves and dual 1" ports in the air bags. :smiley:


thats awesome, never seen it done with air before, ive only seen hydros.

Nice vid man


seen it. lol im definately the only one who can say that. anyway yeah i can get about 3 inches. imagine how high he could get if he could get all four wheels to come down at the same time and double bounce her.


that was totaslly kick ass. never saw anything like that before in my life. nice vid :rock


Everytime I meet one of Brians friends who has a bagged truck like that brings me one step closer to wanting to get an S10 to do that to.


you know you want a minitruck, James :smiley:


You know you want a Civic, Brian. :smiley:

lol don’t breathe a word of that to Westopher. Last thing I need is him rambling on to me about that.


::evil laugh::


I’ll edit everything out if you do! lol


:blah :blah :blah