New website


for all you gamers, or even for those who are looking in to it check it out and register


the 360 sucks … dont mean to flame but really it does suck i MIGHT buy the next model if they make one you know without a HUGE power brick w/o the crashing probs n stuff and if they get a better game than socom3 maybe halo3 but that will only be better cuz the fact it will be made later but for now it sucks and so do most the games


Yeah, i know two guys that got 360’s… and both of them have problems with loading and freezing… i wish MS would have wait to release it and gotten teh last fwe bugs outta it


I didnt have any problems with it at least when I used it. Its pretty load though and that power cord thingy is humongous.


the 360 is fine and the site is about more than that just check it out