New wheels for my car


What do you think, my car with steed’s wheels… Anyone have other suggestions?


i would like chrome on your color car. I like the black on white cars, but its your car dood. :banana


i’m not feeling the chrome on my car… maybe because i’ve never seen mine with chrome, so i really dont know what it’d look like


looks good. :slight_smile:


Re: RE: New wheels for my car…

eh fuck cant find the picture ihad btu now i think about it it was a different color car yours is weird what color is it?

another similair one i found


either way is good!


i like chrome fr500 on your car kevin. i like that cobra pic with chrome wheels similar to them.

i want chrome or polished deep dish bullits or hypercoated saleens and now i like chrome fr500


Yeah, try the chrome or the anthricite FR500’s. I do like the black, but would like to see it with the other colors.