New Wheels!


17x9 (275/40/17) and 17x10.5 (315/35/17)

do you like them?


those wheels look sic bro. just need to lower the car a bit now


its already lowered 1.5" lol. anymore and i cant get up my driveway.


I think it looks pretty damned good bub! :gears
I would lik eto get some wheels for my Z.


They look pretty good. But for your body stylel though, I still like the Cobra rims. Either Chrome or Powder coated. But hey it’s your car. :smiley:

Now the 05 Mustangs should have the bullit rims.


Looks awesome,i love the back and color combo, im going for the back and white combo on my jeep, white body, black lettering for any decals, black side bars, black half doors for when the tops off


i like them a lot. the more i look at them the more i like them too. thanks for the compliments. im sure i wont be spinning these bad after i get my gears and posi.


Oh God yes man… Those are badass!


Those wheels are the shizz! I especially like the way the black centers go with the color blue of the car. Awesome pick. the size is perfect too.


thanks again all. i love the centercaps too (not to be a cobra poser) but the 3piece lens looks almost 3-d in the light. the snake looks like he is about to bite off your ass :rock




That looks awesome! Your color car and the wheels look so good together! If you get ready to get rid of it, can I have first dibs? :smiley:


They look like shit, now give them to me and be a good boy. :smiley:

jk. They look sweet- of course I love them, they’re the ones I WANT! lol.


nice :rock

except that i dont like the silver rim… :dunno… i just dont like it that way…

black saleens… :rock


Re: RE: New Wheels!



Those don’t have shit on the dents the Z28 has… :rofl


hell yeah they look awesome. hell of alot better than the stockers you had on. the only V6 wheels i like are the ones boozie has on his sixer.


Re: RE: New Wheels!



yep the only dent on my car and it was there before i bought it. carfax said the previous owner got hit from behind and it ppushed his bumper up and folded in by tail light. no biggy lol.

thanks everyone for compliments. i love the fat wheel in the back. i suggest these to anybody considering them :rock


I think they look great!


yep, they look really good. My TSW wheels are 8.5X18 with 245/40/zr18 front and 9.5X18 with 275/35/zr18 rear. I was so bummed that I couldn’t get my wheel in a 10" or 10.5" rear. I’d have to go to a 20" wheel, which I think looks horrable on our boy style (99-04)


Lookin good :smiley: