New XBOX game


I saw a ad for a new XBOX game… it looks like Grand Turismo but that wasn’t it. You can get muscle cars and newer sports cars. They recorded actual engine audio from dyno runs of every car that is in the game. I hear it is going to be sick!!! But I forget the name and when it is due out. :dunno Soon I hope. Anyone know?


dunno what youre talking about .all i play is halo


AH your no help at all! :booty


You talking about forza motorsports? If so its already out.

I have a boss with a 331 stroker/roots supercharged, I race it aganist the imports online, all it does is spin all over the place, but its awesome when I pass everyone with the car going sideways in a straight line, needless to say, everyone loses


YES!!! Thats it!!! Your still the shizzleiest!!!


I’m getting a new X-Box this week