New years resolutions


Ok well it had to be done. Whats everyone new years resolutions.

ill get back to you guys on mine tho.


I haven’t thought about it yet :dunno


yeah thats why i said ill get back to you all on mine. not sure yet. not like im gonna follow it tho but always nice to have one.


Not sure, I never take them serious anyway. What’s the point? We can make a resolution anytime.


Mine is to drink and go out more, since i moved in with a buddy i am saving more than when i lived by myself. Also, going to get a raise and insurance goes down in May…woowoo!


I don’t really have one. I would like to lose 10-15 pounds. Maybe that will be it.


To fluff a Kitty :hump


Thought you would find humor in that


I’m just trying to get all of my friends back together in one place. I also have to go on vacation for once in my fucking life, with the whole family. My dad is a goddamn workaholic and it’s impossible to get him out somewhere.


mine is not to bust up any ps2 controllers over socom ive only went thru 3 but i just broke mine last night cuz i got frustrated and i have no backup controllers so no socom for a lil bit


not sure, i’ve already gotten the greatest opportunity for a new beginning since i’ve moved outta warner robins…i don’t think i could be doing any better…i would like to try to quit smoking tho i’ve already cut back a lot


Re: RE: New years resolutions

[quote=hhayes] i’ve moved outta warner robins…

You were in the Air Force? What was your AFSC?

…i would like to try to quit smoking tho i’ve already cut back a lot[/quote]

I’m in the same place. I’m down to between 3 and 5 a day, with none on the weekends (usually)

My goals for '06.

Finish kicking the cancer sticks.
Graduate college (finally)
Lose 25 more pounds
Go into the military as an officer.


I’ve never been big on resolutions because i end up forgetting about them and things are just to impredictable to say “i’m going to do this this year”…hell if i wanna satisfy myself in knowing i accomplished something for a resolution i guess my 3 resolutions would be

  1. Eat
  2. Party
  3. Enjoy the opposite sex :cool


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no i just lived there pretty much all my life, i moved down here to valdosta


i also haven’t really though about it yet…2006 is coming way to fast.


heh, i dont do ny resolutions. :dunno


Re: RE: New years resolutions

you should quit that nasty habit…smoking sucks