my wife got a new car sat a 03 dodge stratus RT it is nice and she wants one so bad so now i have to save for a saleen or cobra btu i am trying to go to italy so it will be a while btu that means more time to save for a really nice s281e hpoefully



awesome man. but what with every one getting new dodges. is sniper brainwashing you guys. j/k


lol. my friend had one of those when they first came out. they look sweet and are pretty fast.

I agree w/ haus. dodge is brainwashing yall!! lol


no she has wanted one for a while now but just found what she wants so we got it i prefer to have a stang but what can you do like i said i am going to save when i go overseas and come back looking for a new cobra or saleen depending on how they look then if they have changed from this current style i know i will get flamed for this but the 05 stang dont do it for me pics to come later


here are the pics