Next summer


when my AVS ES100s go… I think I’m gonna have to try these things out.

Edit: there’s supposed to be a gif here showing the tires, but it’s not showing up. The tires are BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KDW2s.

Surveyed Averages

KDW2 Performance
Dry Traction 9.3
Wet Traction 8.7

Hydro Resistance 8.5
Snow Traction N/A
Cornering Stability 9.0
Steering Response 9.0
Ride Comfort 8.0
Noise Comfort 6.8
Tread Wear 7.8

Keep in mind I think THE WORLD of these AVS ES100s, but those things look like they grip like nobody’s business.

ES100 performance
Dry Traction 8.6
Wet Traction 7.8
Hydro Resistance 7.8
Snow Traction N/A
Cornering Stability 8.3
Steering Response 8.3
Ride Comfort 7.5
Noise Comfort 7.0
Tread Wear 6.6

Compare the tread pattern between each wheel. ES100s on top.



sound like some badass tires bro. i cant wait to feel how well they grip the road after you get them :smiley:


I was looking at those on tire rack the other day. Pretty sweet tires.
These are what I just ordered for the Elty Juan.

275/50/15 BFG Drag Radial T/A’s for my drag stars. WHOOOOT! :rock


sweet tires. i like the tread pattern. good ratings on them too. how much do they run for each tire


Re: RE: Next summer…

The ES100s were $82 each(*4= 328), but for whatever reason I had gotten a discount. I don’t recall paying more than 300 for them through

The KDW2s run $120 each(*4= 480), and I’m sure they’d be worth it.


bfg makes good tires. im gonna get the bfg t/a kdw’s for my car when i get new pony wheels. supposed to be some kick ass tires.