NFL Starts Today


Any NFL fans here? Starts back today, Broncos vs Panthers. Who you got?


I am more of a college football fan myself, but I am glad its football season regardless. Its hard to get into the NFL, but I have always favored the Broncos. I hope the Cowboys continue to be awful haha.


More of an NRL fan. I’ve never cared much for NFL but I follow it loosely


I hope you do not like the Brisbane Broncos…


Hahaha I was born and raised a Rabbits fan. Disappointed that we lost so many people early in the year and that we showed what we really could do way too late. Hoping for a panthers or a sharks win this year


I only started watching rugby about 3 years ago. I am a big Wigan Warriors fan since they are the first team I ever saw play in the Super League.


Boy what are you talking about. I’m talking about Australian/NZ NRL. I’m not sure if Wigan Warriors is a thing - unless that’s another named for the NZ Warriors?


Haha its a team from England in the Super League Rugby. Its not in the NRL, but Wigan has played NRL teams in the past.


Ahh makes more sense


Organized national sports are a gluttonous waste of societal energy.


Cant believe @SarahA and @Ethan_Mac_McNally hijacked this thread about NFL and started talking about NRL…:triumph:

Never got into College as much as my friends but there are always intense games and underdog stories which makes it fun. By the way I’m a HUGE cowboys fan.

Also it was a great kickoff to the season today. I look forward to Sundays again until NBA is back.


No… No you can’t be…

I feel college football is more exciting. Do you follow college football any?



I don’t religiously follow it but will try to watch the prime time games.

I finally have floor tickets this year so will be watching okc up close. The game is so different up that close because you can actually interact with the players.


Up the Fins!!!


What an EXCITING first week, wouldn’t you agree?

Sad that my cowboys lost because of a bone headed play, but very encouraged by the play of our rookie QB.


Prescott was very good at the college level and I think he will perhaps be even better in the NFL. Cowboys got a great deal in picking him up.


You guys have the wrong kind of football.


Just keep watching your boys flop around while American footballers play like men, yeah?


American football is just a shit version of rugby. :slight_smile:


Still better than your football.