NFL Starts Today


You know it’s not though.





Mmmmmmmm… No. No, it wasn’t.:joy:


OK so it happens sometimes, at least they don’t have to wear big pads to avoid getting hurt. :information_desk_person:


It’s still better than flopping around, pretending that you are hurt.


It doesnt help much, NFL players have notoriously high rates off brain damage


Let’s agree that both footballs are unique in their own way. I enjoy watching a big soccer match and definitely enjoy watching Ronaldo and Messi play.


I don’t like American football at all, it causes all sorts of injuries and is a rather barbaric sport in my opinion.


So do rugby players, and rugby is way better than NFL.


Get… Get out now, boy. Don’t you ever return. How dare you disrespect a Merican sport!


I’ll disrespect it all I want. :innocent:


Was talking to @Spodershibe but the same goes for you too.


Very true. Wigan is where it’s at.


You need to watch union, league sucks.


Muh freedums DDDDD;;;;;;;;


@Ethan_Mac_McNally @Frankie You both need to watch AFL, you get real men and good tackles at the same time :slight_smile:


Cowboys win a huge game. Dak Prescott might be the real thing. Elliott still has much work to do.


Many great games today. A lot of close ones. Really glad the Texans won and the Broncos absolutely man handled the Colts.


Saw an article on twitter about Peyton coming back and being a backup for the Patriots. I think he got way too much shit for last year and still has some juice left in him.